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About 60 warships, launch and supply ships are taking part in the planned naval tactical exercises of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy, which began Thursday (09.06.2022) in the Baltic Sea and in ranges in the Kaliningrad region. This, amid tension with NATO, due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, and requests from Sweden and Finland to join the US-led military coalition.

“About 60 warships, launch and supply ships, more than 40 aircraft and helicopters and up to 2,000 units of war equipment from the Baltic Fleet are participating in the exercises,” the Russian Defense Ministry stated on its website. According to the Russian leadership, the maneuvers will continue until June 19.

“Within the framework of the exercises, the naval tactical groups of the Baltic Fleet left their bases and were stationed in the destination areas in the Baltic Sea to carry out training missions for the defense of naval communications and fleet bases,” he said. defense. On Tuesday, about 20 Russian ships had already taken part in exercises in the area.

“more important than ever”

The military entity added that the objectives of the maneuvers carried out by the Russian forces are to raise the level of readiness of the forces and the military command of the Baltic Fleet. These maneuvers were preceded by special supply exercises, as well as exercises to put troops on high alert.

NATO is organizing its annual large-scale naval exercises in the Baltic Sea, called “Baltops 22”, from Sunday until June 17. “Given the current security situation in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, large-scale exercises like this are more important than ever for NATO,” said Allied Air Command Commander General Jeff Harrigian.

The Baltic Sea, a strategic region, has been in the spotlight since Sweden and Finland last month announced applications to join NATO, an organization Moscow sees as hostile to its interests.

DZC (EFE, AFP, Europa Press)

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