Ortega will send Nicaraguan soldiers to Russia “for exchange exercises”

Managua, June 9 (EFE). – The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, allowed the departure of 50 Nicaraguan soldiers for Russia, on a rotational basis, “to participate in exchange maneuvers, military instructions and training in humanitarian aid operations.” From July 1 to December 31.

The Sandinista leader also allowed the entry of troops, ships and aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces to participate in “unlawful” operations in the Caribbean and Pacific Nicaragua, according to Presidential Decree No. 10-2022 published in the Official Gazette. .

The President also allowed to enter Nicaragua, on a rotation basis, for 80 Russian military personnel to participate with members of the Special Operations Command of the Nicaraguan Army “in the exchange of experiences and training in humanitarian assistance operations.”

Likewise, it authorized the entry of 50 other Russian military personnel, alternately, to participate with personnel of the Navy, Air Force and Transport Corps “in the exchange of experience and operational contacts with the ships and aircraft of the Nicaraguan Army in confrontation missions and the fight against drug trafficking and transnational organized crime.”

In total, Ortega allowed an unspecified number of Russian soldiers, ships and aircraft to enter Nicaragua from July 1 to December 31 this year, according to the presidential decree.

The Russians will navigate the Caribbean and the Pacific Nicaragua

In addition to participating in operations “against illegal” in the Caribbean and Pacific Nicaragua, training the elite force of the army and the dispatch corps in matters of operational communications, the Russian army will participate in the exercises “for training and exchange in humanitarian aid operations and search and rescue missions in emergency or disaster situations.” natural.”

They will also participate “in exchanging experiences and training in security missions, and planning trainings for humanitarian aid and disaster relief,” according to the presidential decree.

Ortega, who returned to the presidency in 2007, after coordinating the junta of government from 1979 to 1985 and presiding over the country for the first time from 1985 to 1990, is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has said Nicaragua is a “very important” partner country for Russia in Latin America. .

Russia is a longtime ally of Nicaragua, which during the first Sandinista regime (1979-1990) supplied Soviet weapons to the Nicaraguan armed forces.

Nicaragua is one of the few countries, along with Venezuela and the small island states of Nauru and Tuvalu, that have joined Russia in recognizing the independence of the breakaway Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which have received top Russian officials since Moscow invaded Ukraine.

In addition, at the end of 2020, Nicaragua established a consulate in Crimea, a Ukrainian territory attached to Russia, which caused Ukraine to refuse.

Also from Cuba, the United States, Mexico and Venezuela

In the same presidential decree, Ortega authorized for a period of six months, starting next July, the entry of personnel, ships and aircraft of the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Armed Forces that will perform the same tasks as Russia.

It also allowed the entry of soldiers from Cuba and Mexico, who would participate with soldiers from Nicaragua in “exchanges and actions of a humanitarian nature.”

In the case of the United States armed forces, the Sandinista leader authorized the entry of military personnel, an unspecified number, and unlike other armed forces, their presence would be “pre-planned and coordinated with the Nicaraguan army”.

The goal, according to the president, is for the US military to dock at ports and land at national airports in order to carry out “humanitarian relief operations and search and rescue missions and emergency rescue or natural disasters, by air, sea. and land, in support of the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua, from 1 July to December 31, 2022.”

Ortega ordered that the presidential decree be sent to the National Assembly, where the ruling party has an absolute majority, for duly ratification.

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