One in four initial consultations is due to a mental problem

Antonio Torres and Maria Grande.

One out of every four consultants in Primary health careHealth system portal, related mental problems. In this context, the main suicide risk factor is to be mentally disturbed, in which mood disorders are the main culprit for completed suicides, as stated Anthony TorresHead of the Mental Health Working Group of the Spanish Association of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (SEMG).

In order to reduce suicide rates in our country, Torres demanded in Bilbao to provide resources needed for primary care professionals so they can create a profile Early diagnosis of suicide risk factors. This request was made by the expert in Bilbao, within the framework of the 28th National Congress of General and Family Medicine, which included, in its scientific program, a segment devoted to suicide prevention of health centers.

According to the head of the mental health department at SEMG, “The best treatment is good prevention,” highlighting the importance of continuous training in early diagnosis, which the Spanish Association of General Practitioners and Family Physicians takes into account when training physicians attending its annual conference. To achieve this, it is necessary to banish false beliefs, provide honest information and Disclosure of risk factors from counseling. According to Torres, “There is no population screening, but if it is necessary to actively seek out patients at potential risk, that is why the work of the family physician is so important.”

for this part, big marya member of the mental health group at SEMGI mentioned numbers suicide In our country, it is the first cause of abnormal death and the second cause of death in the age group from 15 to 29 years. It is three times more frequent among men than women, with the highest rates among those over 65 years of age, given that “older adults think more about death,” according to Grande.

Differences in style by gender

During the 28th National Conference on General and Family Medicine, attendees were informed that there are both risk factors and protective factors. The main factor of suicide risk It has been accomplished in our country that of making an earlier attempt, with variations of the method according to gender: Spanish men choose to hang and women to jump from a height.

World Health Organization (Who is the) has set itself the goal of reducing suicide rates, as a global necessity across the planet. Regarding global figures, the SEMG Mental Health Group stated at its conference that there are 800,000 deaths annually, that is, suicide every 40 seconds. The median rate is 9 per 100,000 residents, with more attempts in women, but more work done in men.

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