Job offers from Gaviota Tourism Group

The Gaviota Tourism Group has reported some job offers for those interested in the sector.

Specifically, Gaviota Occidente sent subscribers an email this Tuesday announcing job opportunities in the following areas:

  • Economics and Accounting
  • computing
  • Technical Services
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Kitchen and living room

In this way, interested people can go to Calle 16, No. 508, between the 5th and 7th, in Miramar, Playa.

They should go Monday through Friday, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM or call 72040313.

The memo did not clarify the terms of the offers or salaries.

The minimum wage in Cuba is 2,100 pesos per month. What a worker ultimately earns depends on the schedule and approved salary rates in 2020.

Workers from the tourism group commented in our newsroom that the salary system being implemented was “complicated”.

In the case of computer or economy, he could charge 5,000 pesos. In any case, for tourism workers, this will also depend on earnings.

They emphasized that “the kitchen and the living room are not on the same salary scale, they should charge less.”

Cuban Guide He was able to learn that Gaviota decided to raise many of their salaries to “motivate” workers who did not want to work in the sector anymore.

According to the information provided by the tourism group on its official website, Gaviota has a workforce of 37,000 workers.

They pointed out that “the hotel industry is its backbone and more than 40 percent of its employees are directly related to tourism services in its most diverse fields and environments.”

Occupations of service workers fall into groups I to VI. The salaries listed in the Official Gazette are fixed for jobs with a duration of between 40 and 44 hours per week.

Within groups that include service workers in Cuba, the minimum monthly salary is 2,100 CUP (about $87, according to the international exchange rate) and 2,660 (about $110).

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