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Jose Oringo Three Stroke SurvivorShe has become an inspiration to many on Staten Island, where she teaches dance classes at Silver Sneakers, an innovative fitness and wellness program that helps seniors live healthy, active lifestyles.

That is, Jose Orengo has always loved physical activity. In fact, he had his first stroke while taking dance lessons in 2018: “ I was taking a Zumba class which made me dizzy.”to Piter Ortiga of Noticas 41, “It was so big that I wanted to lie on the floor, and I couldn’t come to class.”

His annoyance reached the point where an ambulance had to be called and taken to the hospital. There it was discovered that he had had three strokes.

From triple stroke survivor to catalyst

The damage that those cerebrovascular accidents caused to his health was remarkable: “I lost my sight a little, on the right side, I could not walk well, it was as if I was in another world.”

And though alas, his martial spirit was far greater than those effects to which he had devoted himself to practicing: “I just kept moving forward, not wanting to lie down or anything. I don’t want to end like this.”

He remembers that at first he ran sideways because he couldn’t run straight, but little by little he straightened his stride and now leads Zumba classes so that others who have had two strokes can recover.

Between dancing and music, he says, he and his fellow Zumba forget their problems: “I’ve always had a great love for old people…and now I find that I’m an old man. And since no one wants to be old, I try to push the mind, to be able to exist” .

And by the way, he advises: “Anything I give you, do not let it fall. Forward, always forward. Always with faith to continue living.”

The truth about stroke

in the United States, Every 30 seconds someone suffers a stroke Every 3.5 minutes a person dies from a stroke.

Dr. Joshua Wylie, Neurologist A New York/Columbia Stroke Service assistant told Univision 41 that he noticed that among these three major causes of stroke:

1. Poorly managed hypertension. “The most common disease that affects the risk of stroke is high blood pressure or hypertension, but we see many patients who don’t worry about their high blood pressure and the damage builds up over time.”

2- Diabetes. “It’s important to treat diabetes with medication if you have it, and if you don’t have it, eat healthy food to prevent diabetes onset.”

3. Inactivity. “The biggest mistake is not exercising, at least lightly, on a daily basis, and not making preventative visits to the doctor.”

Stroke symptoms

Willey recommends that people be on the lookout for signs that may indicate a stroke, and it can be summed up in these two words: fast.

s: drooping face
a: disturbance of balance
s: loss of strength in an arm or leg
yo: visual problems
Dr: difficulty speaking
also: Get quick help

If any of these symptoms are present, indicate that You have to call 911 and We say that someone has had a stroke.

Life saving tips…

While the ambulance arrives, he recommends the patient to take anticoagulants right away, “but to give medicine to dissolve clots that cause certain spills/strokes, it needs to be given within three hours of symptoms starting,” and in any case, he says, go to the hospital, because they’re more ready to act in this situation.

And to avoid a stroke, it is better to follow these habits:

  • Get enough sleep: Adults need 7-9 hours per night. Teens and children need more.
  • Get regular medical exams: Schedule regular visits with your doctor.
  • Move more, sit less.
  • Try to get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise (or a combination) per week.
  • Eat healthy: Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat.
  • Limit your intake of sodium, added sugar, and saturated and trans fats.
  • Do not smoke or smoke.

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