Hector Valer: Police arrest congressman and former prime minister by court order | Policy

Police on Tuesday arrested the former Prime Minister and Congress by court order Hector Valerwho was convicted of the alleged crime of environmental pollution.

The arrest was made when the legislator went to the Ministry of Interior to meet the owner of the bag. Dimitri CinemachAround 12:30 in the afternoon.

When Valer presented his identity document to sign him into the ministry, his request appeared.

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Sinmash told Channel N, “When he entered, he passed through security and entered my office. […] Then they told me that the purchase order appears. I tell him the congressman is amazed and calls his lawyer.

According to the minister, Valere cooperated with the procedure followed by the police at the time.

The case that caused the arrest is a common operation against Valer dating back to 2018. The arrest warrant could have been issued last month.

They report to Congress

PNP Commander Edwin Salazar Chirinos, Head of the Judicial Police and Requisitions Division, sent a letter to the President of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva, informing her of the arrest.

The document gives an account of Valer’s location and capture.

Since 2021, when Article 93 of the Constitution was amended, members of Congress no longer have parliamentary immunity.

The said article indicates that the prosecution of public offenses attributed to members of Congress in the exercise of their functions falls within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Justice. In addition, in the case of offenses committed before the assumption of jurisdiction, the ordinary criminal judge is competent.

Only until 2021 did a commission tasked with lifting parliamentary immunity hold a job in Congress.

Legislator Valere belongs to the Democratic Party of Peru, although he came to Congress with the Popular Renewal Party led by Rafael López Aliaga. If he does not resume his parliamentary work, he will be replaced by his assistant Frank Kirklick, who collaborated with López Aliaga’s last presidential campaign and now works in the office of legislator Jose Quito.

Valere was appointed prime minister by President Pedro Castillo on February 1, but resigned a few days later after it was revealed that he had been accused of domestic violence.

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