For reasons of security and out of respect for society, Miguel Cruz’s lawyers will ask for pretrial detention

The Defense Council of Fausto Miguel de Jesús Cruz de la Mota will ask the judge of the Permanent Attention Court for the National District To impose pretrial detention on his client– Accused of killing the Minister of Environment. Orlando Jorge MiraIt happened on Monday morning.

Manuel Sierra and Ebo Rene Sanchez understand that Judge Juan Francisco Consoro should order preventive detention against their client because Reasons for security and respect for society and the family.

We will not object to a request compulsion scale For the sake of respecting society, for respecting the family and because we want this to flow and Searching for objective truthLimited Mane Sierra.

The session has been postponed This Saturday at 9 am At the request of attorney Miguel Valerio, who represents the relatives of the Minister of the Environment, to find out the charge brought by the Public Prosecution Office.

For this request, he did not oppose Provisional National District Attorney, Kelvin KowloonAnd lawyer Myrna Ortiz and lawyers for the accused are held in the preventive prison of the Palace of Justice in Ciudad Nueva.

The defendant’s lawyers complained that the Public Prosecution interrogated the accused without the presence of his lawyer and that what his client said during the interrogation was not reflected in the request.

According to the indictment, Cruz de la Mota, 56, The act was committed in Jorge Mira’s officeAnd the Its headquarters is the Ministry of the Environment, on Luberon Street, in this capital, and then ran away Towards the Church of Jesus Christ, the High and Eternal Priest, located in the True Urban.

In the religious temple Cruz de la Mota He gave the gun to a priest who explained to him that he had committed a crime, even though the victim had not been identified.

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