Family Suicide Detection Tools

May Teresa Jorge Bravo, Maria Sanz Almazan, Maria Grande Aguirre.

The A large number of suicides In Spain, which broke historical records last year, it can decline thanks to Early detection of primary care. Primary care level doctors consider them “The perfect medium” With the prevalence of dating for mental reasons, chances are you have Detect suicide alerts In sensitive profiles such as the elderly and young adults, and then subject them to the “best way” to find suicidal behaviors: Clinical interview.

“We are the perfect broker, 25 percent Primary Care Consultation related to mental health It has been established that patients who committed suicide consulted their family doctor in the previous months”, explains Maria Grande Aguri, coordinator of the SEMG Mental Health Group, who states that there is no population screening, but they are forced to do one Active research and not to underestimate the pathology.

During her speech at the 18th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Family and General Practitioners (SEMG), the doctor explained that the evidence supports that talking about suicide does not invite but rather prevents and that any idea of ​​suicide masks seeking help. In addition, it has ensured that Clinical interview is the best option Detecting suicidal thoughts is the most effective intervention.

We know his personal and family history and consumption of toxins. So you have to make a file structured interview To explore the mental field of the patient. The same does not say directly, but it reflects that he feels burdened, that he is isolated or depressed … ”, explains Grande-Aguirre.

This structure goes through ensuring listening Therapeutic, active and respectful This shows an empathetic attitude. ” In addition, according to the specialist, the interview should be Open, with few interruptions and avoid judgments. “If a risk can be detected, that is when planning must be evaluated,” details the SEMG Mental Health Coordinator.

Initial alerts for early detection of suicides

According to the scientific evidence, primary care physicians should alert teens and older adults. for Uncover it among the youngestClinicians should be aware of the following behaviors: change in school performance; Eating pattern Sudden mood disturbance Behavioral changes Social and family isolation Initiation of drug abuse and legal problems.

while in elderly population The alert must be set to severe depressive disorder; “It is the most common diagnosis associated with suicidal behavior and special attention should be paid to atypical presentation of depression,” says Grande Aguri, who details the following alarms: social and family isolation, behavior change, excessive repetition of counseling, hopelessness, feeling of worthlessness and turning into a grandpa ping. Bong, i.e. someone who has passed from one family to another.


During the Basic Computer Skills table, which deals with the “pills of information” on matters close to the day of the consultation, how to act in the face of questions about breastfeeding and its complications is also detailed. Among the most common doubts, according to Maria Sanz Almazan, SEMG Women’s Health Coordinator, is Compatibility with medicines and contraceptive methods.

For the first case, the specialist recommends going to “There we will be able to find out what medication, by active ingredient or brand, they can take while breastfeeding,” Sanz Almazan explains. While using contraceptives, she recommends Barrier methods for the first six months and hormonal from the sixth month Provided they do not contain progestin.

Regarding Multiples Highlights breast engorgement, which is a bulge in the gland caused by the accumulation of milk. “Their treatment is to increase the frequency of feedings, an analgesic or anti-inflammatory can also be given, and a reverse softening compress can be used,” explains the family doctor.

Another of the most common is sore and cracked nipples. “There should never be pain and we should look for the cause. The most common are poor posture of the child, excessive washing or a short lingual bridle”, explains Sanz Almazan, who also reveals a third complication: mastitis; “It is an inflammation of the breast tissue associated with no infection. It is caused by milk retention and its treatment is frequent and effective emptying. Prebiotics have also been shown to offer benefits,” explains the SEMG Women’s Health Group Coordinator.

Antimicrobial resistance

The third “information pill” focused on how to reduce antimicrobial resistance. “This is a huge public health risk in the country, and it could end a life 40,000 people in Spain by 2050replacing cancer as the leading cause of death,” explains Mª Teresa Jorge Bravo, of SEMG Infectious Diseases, who also confirmed that Spain is one of the countries that consumes the most antibiotics in all of Europe.

Regarding primary care tools to combat it, the specialist is of the opinion that clinicians should apply gAntimicrobial therapeutic guidelines and rapid diagnostic tests, Especially those with C-reactive protein. “They help us decide whether to use antibiotics or not, and the authorities should provide them to us in consultations,” claims Jorge Bravo, who also notes raising awareness among the population to avoid self-treatment and non-compliance with treatment guidelines.

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