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Wednesday afternoon, Defense Minister Diego Molano Aponte has confirmed the death of the head of the war front, Dario Ramirez Castro, and a member of the Ellen National Directorate, amid a military operation.

This is Felipe Alcocer Albarino, better known by the aliases of Berry, Manolo or Gustavo, 51, who has been a guerrilla fighter for 34 years. For his information leading up to his location and capture, up to 1,000 million pesos were offered.

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The process is the same that became known over the weekend, in which Violetta Arango Ramirez, nicknamed Violetta, has been arrested, accused of the attack on the Andino shopping center in Bogotain June 2017, and five other people.

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It turned out that two people died in the middle of the operation carried out by the National Police (which located the camp) and the Joint Command of Special Operations (CCOES) of the Armed Forces, among whom was “Berry”.

In fact, its target was a guerrilla leader,”whose body was handed over to forensic medicine for identification, which was completed this morningA source from the National Army told EL TIEMPO.

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The operation was carried out in the village of La Honda, in Morales, Bolivar, where intelligence from the National Police identified the camp of these veteran gangs.

Dedicated to drug smuggling and extortion

The guerrilla leader fought for more than three decades in the National Liberation Army.

For the General Force, locating and capturing Perry was a priority objective because “Transfer of 16,000 million pesos per month as a result of cocaine trafficking, extortion and illegal exploitation of deposits in Bolivar and Antioquia‘, reads the file against him.

In fact, the commander of the armed forces, General Luis Fernando Navarro, explained that more than 100 members of the armed forces participated in the operation.It was a week of intervention and 48 hours of field operations, where we fought 7 battles with the fighters, between the 3rd and 4th of June.“, pointed out.

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The other two dead are Cesar, Perry’s head of security, and David, one of the escorts.

Similarly, it is indicated that “Berry” was the highest ranking guerrilla leader in the ELN in Colombia, and most of the group’s leaders are indicated to be in Cuba and Venezuela.

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According to the authorities, with his death there was a “rupture and loss of control over the strategic corridors connecting the northeastern (southern Cesar) and the western (northeastern Antioquia) war fronts, Affect drug smuggling routes with exit to Venezuela with final destination Europe and Africa. Such as the consolidation of areas abandoned by the FARC, which became extinct.”

Press conference on the death of alias Perry

The Minister of Defense, the Commander of the Armed Forces and the Director of the National Police give details of the operation.


Ministry of Defense

He was in the liberation of the passengers of the Avianca

For his part, the Director of the National Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, recalled the sabotage that took place in the midst of last year’s national strike:Perry detailed, like the alias Fabian, of riots and violence in different cities of the country, and we will turn this physical evidence and proof over to the Prosecutor’s Office“, pointed out.

The alias Perry had another ID in the name of Wilfredo Vázquez Castrillon of Puerto Welches (Santander), which the National Registrar of Civil Status revoked, by Resolution 2331 of 2008, due to dual identity.

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Likewise, General Vargas asserted that “The neutralization of “Pirry” is one of the most important blows to the National Liberation Army, not only because it is a member of the National Directorate of that terrorist group, but also because it is one of the largest environmental extermination in the country due to the dire consequences of its attacks on the country’s oil infrastructure. ”

He reiterated that there is accurate information indicating that the alias Violetta, who is responsible for the explosive attack on the Andean Center in Bogota and who was captured in the process, is Berry’s current romantic partner.

“We continue to work through Interpol to ensure that senior Eln leaders respond to justice for their crimes,” said the Director of National Police.

Police indicated that “Berry” joined the National Liberation Army in 1980, serving as President of the Companero Thomas Front, with intervention in the Lower Cauca region and was the founder of Tito Marine, a body responsible for the president’s security. war front.

In 2000, he was involved in the hostage release from Avianca focker, Flight 9463, which was diverted to South Bolivar in April 1999.

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