Doctors on Nadal: “Offside is not doping”

The Spanish Society of Sports Medicine has issued an information note, due to the “comments being made before public opinion regarding the treatment received by tennis player Dr. Rafael Nadal” In his last participation in the Roland Garros Championship, “noting that” offside is not doping.”

In 12 points, the medical entity explains, among other things, that “Infiltration anesthesia is a large-scale and ancient therapeutic procedureWhether in sports, in the workplace, or in many other fields.

add that The indications for penetration are well defined in medicine and their primary goal is to reduce pain It is located in an anatomical region.

confirms it “Outsides are not prohibited in cycling by the UCI, as some French athletes have pointed out”referring to the criticism leveled in recent days by Thibaut Pinot and Guillaume Martin.

explaining it “Associating the concepts of offside and doping is incorrect and may be destined to sow suspicion About the legality of the results of some athletes.

The Spanish Society of Sports Medicine concludes in its letter that “Sneaking is not the method of doping unless a prohibited substance is given in that syringe.”

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