AMLO promises free medical care and medication within a year

By saying that the government cannot be left without fulfilling this promise, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He promised to provide free and comprehensive medical care and medicines for one year in the health sector.

in your conference Thursday morning At the National Palace, when asked why users keep paying fees for these services, Lopez Oberdauer acknowledged that these fees continue, because “it’s not easy at all, especially when it comes from a corrupt system.”

“It’s the right to health; nothing is easy, especially when you come from a corrupt system, I can’t leave the government – that doesn’t mean I’ll stay – I think in at least a year you won’t be able to tell me that,” he said.

In the locker room he was told: “Today it’s still loading.”

“Yeah, yeah I think so, within a year, no, to get free medical care and medicine, everything,” he replied.

President Lopez Obrador explained that currently 90% of the drug supply is in the country’s hospitals and clinics; However, he acknowledged that the right to health, enshrined in Article 4 of the Constitution, is “a dead letter.”

“The right to health enshrined in the constitution was ink on paper,” he said.

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He emphasized that regardless of whether there are ISSSTE and IMSS beneficiaries, free and universal access to health services will be guaranteed.

“We already have 90% of the supplies of medicine, but when we arrived there was not even half of it, there was no big corruption in buying medicines, that’s why they fired hard, but the corrupt can no longer, and what a launch, but we persevere extremely,” he declared.

“We already have this very clear obligation: Medicare for everyone, regardless of whether you have an ISSSTE, whether you have insurance or not, is universal. This is the welfare state, the right to health, which is also enshrined in the Constitution, in Article 4, but it A dead letter, like many other things contained in the Constitution, are statements and principles, but in not really happening.”

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