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Biden told CNN he’s not worried about a leader boycott at the Summit of the Americas

Joe Biden, President of the United States. Credit: Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images

US President Joe Biden told CNN reporter Kevin Liptak that he is not concerned about boycotting leaders, including Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and other Central American leaders, at the Summit of the Americas.

When Liptak asked if he was concerned, he replied simply “no,” escorting the press outside a meeting in which Biden appeared with Vice President Kamala Harris and Caribbean leaders.

The Mexican president’s decision to boycott this week’s summit of regional leaders in Los Angeles has made it futile for President Joe Biden and other top officials to persuade him to attend.

The decision of several countries to walk away from the summit, in protest of Biden’s decision not to invite three regional autocrats (Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua), underscored the struggle to exercise American influence in a region riven politically and conflict. Economically.

“Look, I think it’s important to come because I think when the whole world is there … he should be among the leaders,” Biden said as he entered the meeting that had already begun.

“There is a lot to talk about,” he said. “Do we talk about everything in front of the press?”

“No,” said Harris.

“My goal is to intensify relations with the Caribbean,” he said.

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