Abenader exchanges greetings with Biden – Biden said at the Summit of the Americas that democracy is an essential component of the American world

President Louis Abenader and his US counterpart, Joe Biden, spoke briefly last night before the opening ceremony of the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California.

A note sent by the press office of the Presidency of the Republic indicates that Both leaders were holding a protocol salute As part of the event’s opening ceremony, accompanied by the First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden.”

The summit opened at 5 pm. Los Angeles time, 8:00 pm in the Dominican Republic.

Previously, in the morning, President Abenader visited the North American company Starlink, dedicated to the telecommunications sector and Interested in investing in the country.

Subsequently, the Dominican President participated in a panel discussion on Democratic Governance and the Rule of Law with the Presidents of Panama and Costa Rica and then in an activity of the High Level Business Council of the Alliance for Development in Democracy.

For this day President Abenader You will participate in the opening of the plenary session, He will have several meetings already scheduled, including one with the Vice President of the United States. Kamala Harris, along with Caribbean Heads of State and Government.

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A letter from the Associated Press (AP) dated Los Angeles explains that the White House on Wednesday refused to be The absence of many leaders from the Summit of the Americas It means a setback for democracy, highlighting instead efforts in food security, climate and other areas that will be discussed at the Western Hemisphere Forum.

Senior advisers to President Joe Biden argued that this was not a lost cause simply because Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and other leaders decided not to attend. Lopez Obrador and others have confirmed that they will not go because of the United States They did not invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua Because of the rejection of their tyrannical leaders. A large number of immigrants leave for the United States and neighboring countries from these three countries.

A stark reminder of the absences came as President and First Lady Jill Biden stood on the red carpet in Los Angeles to greet the foreign leaders in attendance, few of whom were heads of state. Instead of the President of Guatemala, Biden shook hands with the Secretary of State. He then received the Minister of Public Affairs of El Salvador, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.

Among the new programs Biden is expected to provide in the near future are a $300 million Food Security Financing Initiative, a new Caribbean Climate Partnership that will help Caribbean countries access low-carbon energy sources, and a program to train 500,000 health workers in the Americas over the course of the year. the next five years.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the White House “You will invest specific dollars to achieve tangible results.”

“When you add all of that and you look at the practical impact on the public sphere that actions at the summit by the United States will have, you will see that they are significantly more impactful on people’s lives and livelihoods in this region than the kinds of extractive projects that China has invested in,” Sullivan told reporters on Wednesday on Air Force One.

Migration has become the focus of attention Summit of the Americas, which is emerging as a foreign policy issue of paramount importance.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken described differences in political views as a “strength” in the region. We have democratic governments from the left, the right and the center. But despite the political differences that exist, if the fundamentals are there, we will be able to work together very effectively,” Blinken said.

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US President Joe Biden urged the leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean to unite and show that democracy “is the essential ingredient for the future,” in the opening address of the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, which was marred by a boycott of many leaders. .


The US president said: “Our region is large and diverse. We do not always agree on everything, but in a democracy we treat our differences with mutual respect and dialogue.”

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