Abenader at Requiem for Orlando George: Being Responsible Is a Commitment ‘That Takes Lots of Risk’

President Luis Abenader confirmed, on Tuesday, during the mass that was held on the death of Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mira, that he is responsible It is a commitment that “carries many risks”.

He pointed out that working as a government employee involves great challenges, so being appointed to a position in the state is not an “award”, but an obligation.

This tragedy tells us and we know that Being a public servant is not an award, it is a great obligation This leads us to many challenges and risks, and only the passion for fair service, transparency and breaking old schemes, is what leads us to resist and continue to manage as people need and as circumstances compelled us.”

The president also indicated his grief over the murder of a colleague in his party, especially due to the circumstances in which he died.

“These are the moments that Words are hard for usFor many reasons… for the love, affection, and affection we had for this friend and for the circumstances in which he died,” he noted.

At 12:00 noon on Tuesday, a hearing with the corpse of the Minister of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mira, to officially begin the funeral service after He was killed yesterday in his office.

Head of state also who is still It was hard to believe Orlando diedNoting that it will take several days to accept it.

He also confirmed that the late official took up and complied with this change to serve the Dominican people in its form and management.

the changes

On the occasion of the death of Jorge Mira Abenader He changed his itinerary Travel to attend the Ninth Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California.

The president planned to depart this morning via Punta Cana airport, He postponed his departure to Tuesday noon.

The Head of State is traveling with First Lady Raquel Arbagi; The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Alvarez, and the Executive Director of Prodominicana Bibiana Rivero. In addition, the Director of the Presidential Office, Lourdes Herrera, and the Secretary to the Presidential Cabinet, Elaine Beltran.

the kill

Fausto Miguel de Jesus Cruz de la Mota Orlando Jorge Mira was killed Monday noon in the official’s office.

After the crime was committed, Cruz de la Mota, who was described by the authorities and the family of Jorge Villegas as a close friend of Orlando, fled to the Church of Jesus Christ the Supreme and Eternal Presbyter, located between Romulo Betancourt and Enrique Streets.

Upon arriving at the parish, he demanded to speak with the local priest, José Arismendi de Leon Helena, confessing his crime to the religious, He hands him the murder weapon and asks him to mediate with the authorities to ensure his life.

After that, the Public Prosecution and the National Police were present at the scene, arrested the killer and removed him from the church.

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