Abbott launches Neurosphere Virtual Clinic in Spain

Abbott announces the launch of the NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic in Spain: the first technology that allows patients using neuromodulation implants to communicate with their physicians remotely, to ensure appropriate adjustments and functionality, and to adjust treatment as needed. NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic has the potential to maximize optimal treatment for patients with chronic pain or movement disorders who live far from healthcare staff, or who have difficulties getting to a doctor’s office, such as COVID-19 or medical problems. of mobility.

Abbott’s NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic gives patients the flexibility and convenience of receiving care anywhere* by connecting with their physician through an app with secure video calls and an integrated scheduling system, now available on Abbott Patient Controller. The NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic allows the clinical team to adjust remote therapeutic settings of the neurostimulator using the Clinical Programmer app with a new, intuitive and secure remote care connection. This advance will give patients safety in their care and allow them to adapt their treatment to their comfort and lifestyle.

The German Trias i Pujol University Hospital was the first hospital in Spain to apply this technology. “Our recent experience with the pandemic has demonstrated to us the benefit of remote care in controlling patients in these settings, particularly in highly specialized diseases.” Ramiro Alvarez, MD, chief of neurology in the hospital’s Functional Movement Disorders Surgery Unit. “But regardless of these situations, Neurosphere offers multiple advantages. It saves time and resources when traveling to patients far from their reference center. Most importantly, it also provides the ability to safely control devices in emergency situations away from your facility; let’s think fundamentally about a situation When the patient urgently needs a diagnostic examination or adjustments in his treatment, such as before a diagnostic examination or surgery. In this way, we allow the patient to continue in his usual environment, increase his comfort and manage his resources.”

The NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic can also be useful for patients in urban and rural areas who have difficulty or insufficient access to their doctor. Without alternative digital health solutions, these patients are at risk of delaying or foregoing needed care.1 NeuroSphere brings the convenience and flexibility of remote care to neuromodulation therapies, bringing more benefits to patients with chronic pain and movement disorder using Abbott devices.

Patients who have used NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic often comment on how it has changed their lives, and we are excited to receive it with equal enthusiasm by patients suffering from chronic pain and movement disorders in Spain. “The NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic expands the scope of practice outside the hospital or clinic, and improves treatment management for patients who can receive care from the comfort of home,” said Pedro Malha, vice president of Neuromodulation at Abbott. “It’s an exciting step to bring treatment closer to people who live far from their doctors, or who find it difficult to get health care, or who cannot go to a doctor because of personal or economic circumstances, or because of the resilience of their caregivers or because of the pandemic.”

Abott’s Virtual NeuroSphere Clinic is compatible with Abbott’s neuromodulators, including the Infinity DBS system for patients with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. and advertising systems for patients with chronic pain. This integration via Abbott technology highlights the company’s patient-centered development, combining neuroscience and innovative technology to not only relieve symptoms, but also improve quality of life for patients with neurological disorders.

* Anywhere with an internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data and a patient console with sufficient battery power.
For safety information, please visit the Infinity DBS, Proclaim XR and Proclaim DRG web pages.

About neuromodulation
Neuromodulation is a basic treatment in which electrical discharges are delivered to specific areas to alter neural activity. Neuromodulation is often recommended for patients with chronic pain and certain types of movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. It is estimated that 8 million Spaniards suffer from chronic paintwoWhile 150,000 people live with Parkinson’s disease and 10,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in Spain3400,000 people live with essential tremor4.

About Abbott
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4 Infosalus Magazine. About 400,000 people in Spain suffer from idiopathic tremor, Posted on March 11, 2016.
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