Who was the “Executioner”, the deadliest mercenary of the Russian Wagner Group, who was killed by a Ukrainian sniper | international | News

Vladimir Indunov, 44, died near Kharkiv. Andanov is A bloodthirsty Russian mercenary famous for slaughtering prisoners of war and civilians in Donbass was killed in the fighting in Ukraine.

was a fighter Wagner Groupsorry finished He was shot by a sniper near Kharkiv during a reconnaissance mission on June 5according to Russian media.

Andonov was known to the Russians as “Vakh” or “Buryat volunteer” after the region from which he came, while the Ukrainians called him “the executioner”.

The mercenary became associated with the massacres he participated in during the first Russian invasion in 2014.

This Russian mercenary served in his country’s army from 1997 to 2005, when he moved to the city of Ulan-Ude to continue his studies. However, he did not graduate and got a job in commerce. Then he volunteered to go to Ukraine and join the fight in 2014.

Ukraine accuses him of participating in the massacre of prisoners of war in Luzhvinovo after the battle, and of killing civilians elsewhere in Donbass.

Andonov in Ukraine remained on the front lines even after the all-out war ended with the signing of the 2015 Minsk Accords, before returning to his home region in 2017.

At the end of that year he disappeared, erasing all traces of him on the Internet. Andonov was then redeployed to Ukraine following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to re-invade the country.

The soldier was born in 1978 in the Trans-Baikal Territory in the Far East of Russia, and served in the Russian regular army from 1997 to 2005, when he moved to the city of Ulan-Ude and began studying at college, but dropped out of school before completing his studies and got a job in a warehouse before Responding to a call for volunteers to go to Ukraine and join the fight in 2014.

Andonov was recruited into the Olkhon company of special forces fighting in the Donbass It took part in the Battle of Debaltseve in early 2015, one of the last major battles of the Initial War.

At that time, he appeared in a video clip filmed in the area that became one of the first evidence of the presence of Buryat volunteers in Ukraine.

According to the Peacemaker website, which tracks Russian forces fighting in Ukraine, Andonov gave an interview in 2015 in which he discussed a mission he sent with a squad of ten to “liberate” the town of Lugvinovo, near Debaltseve in the Donbass. In the interview, he recalls launching a surprise night attack and capturing the city before “we received the order to destroy all the manpower of the enemy.”

“There were no survivors among the ‘cocoons,'” he added, using a pejorative term for Ukrainians who support the West. (YO)

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