What were the battles of Orlando Jorge Mira against the illegal?

the late environment minister, Orlando Jorge Mira, His administration was distinguished by the fight against illegal actions that affected natural resources.

The confiscation of sand in Las Dunas, Bani, the evacuation of invaders in different parts of the country, lawsuits against a colonel of National Police By extracting materials from the mine illegal, and a mayor for causing environmental damage by felling trees, as well as persecuting people who caused wildfires, are some of the executions that marked the line of an official who was allegedly shot at noon on Monday, June 6. by a childhood friend.

The ill-fated minister’s descendants also shed light on the political legacy left by Jorge Mira, whom he called “the great matchmaker”. (environment).

In addition, in order to reduce greenhouse gases, environmentUnder the leadership of Jorge Mera, it also began organizing 29 landfills at the beginning of this year. In addition, in the past year, businesses that were considered illegal and that were along more than 10 kilometers of coastline were removed from the beaches of Cabeza de Toro, Arena Gorda and Playa Valley in Samana.

Environment indicated in its 2021 report that between judicial warrants and administrative penalties totaling two thousand, which represents fines of more than 124 million pesos over environmental crimes Which also includes illegal fishing.

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“No one is above the law and never will be”The late minister had stated in various interventions when referring to people who used their influence and positions to commit illegal acts that harm the environment.

Why was Orlando Jorge Mira killed?

A few hours after the killing of the environment minister, many assumptions were woven on social networks about the motive behind the crime: what was most talked about was that the official, who was shot dead, would have deprived him of environmental damage. A statement to a cement factory of the man who is supposed to have killed him, his childhood friend Miguel de la Cruz. However, neither the Ministry of Environment, nor the Public Prosecutor’s Office, nor the family of Jorge Mira have established an official position regarding the causes of the event.

In this regard, Cementos Cibao confirmed, last Monday night, the same day of the murder He has no “commercial or any kind” relationship with the man who shot Jorge Mera. The entity has specified that the permission granted by the environment to operate is still valid. In addition, they sent their condolences to the family and friends of the ill-fated official.

The alleged killer was interrogated for several hours yesterday and it is expected that the Public Prosecutor’s Office, along with other state security agencies, will present the real reasons that prompted de la Cruz to shoot his friend.

Orlando’s son Jorge Mira: “My father was living the best moment of his life”

The environment expects the prosecution to issue sanctions against Valdez Mora
Orlando Jorge Mira: “No one is above the law or ever will be.”

Orlando Salvador Jorge Villegas The most prominent characteristics of his father, the murdered minister Orlando George Mira, about whom he said the official was shot dead last Monday, was at the best moment of his life.

“He was devoted to body and soul to his public function; We no longer see him. I told him let’s share and he told me he has to travel. But he spoke to me with the enthusiasm of a man who was living the best moment of his life.”Villegas said, visibly terrified.

The ill-fated minister’s descendants also shed light on the political legacy left by Jorge Mira, whom he called “the great matchmaker”.

The words of the slain official’s son were received at a funeral mass held at the National Palace on Tuesday morning, where President Luis Abenader and officials from the government train were also present.

Later, Villegas told the press that he did not know why Miguel de la Cruz killed his father. “I don’t know what went through his head.”, pointed out. He reiterated the Jorge Villegas family’s position that they would not hold a grudge against the official’s killer.

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