Warn against contraindications to the use of spray to increase well-being

Happiness hormones are known to promote positive emotions such as pleasure, well-being and love. hormones and neurotransmitters They play an essential role in various processes, such as balancing heart rate and digestion, and they also help improve moods and feelings. This is exactly what some people are looking for when using it oxytocincommonly known as the “love hormone”, in an aerosol.

“I was upset very easily and anything was a fuse for me. So I decided to use the drug on my own,” says Larissa Coelho, a 37-year-old Brazilian who currently lives in Mexico.

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Coelho says he felt really good after using the spray, but eventually gave it up because of its short duration and side effect. “It was very good, only irritating to the nasal cavity. And it got worse because I have rhinitis. I decided to try fiddling with a higher dose so I wouldn’t have to keep using it all the time, but it hurts in the long run.”

In 2011, a study by Canadian Concordia University A nasal formulation of oxytocin has been shown to help overcome shyness. Since then, several labs have released an oxytocin spray that they sell under that promise. However, there is no more scientific evidence to prove that spraying can It changes mood or promotes more pleasure.

What is oxytocin?

Oxytocin is produced by an area of ​​the brain called Solid damage Zoo and curlsays obstetrician-gynecologist Carla Gusti of São Luiz Item Hospital in Red d’Or São Luiz, Brazil.

“It is responsible for promoting uterine contractions, working during labor and the puerperium, to reduce bleeding after the birth of the baby and to increase the secretion of breast milk,” the specialist says. In addition, the hormone also helps in bone metabolismcontributes to the mechanism of orgasm, acts in social relations and reduces fear.

And precisely because it is associated with these situations and is released when we are close to someone, oxytocin has been called the “love hormone.” Along with other neurotransmitters related to sensation such as Serotonin, dopamine, and endorphinsIt also reduces cortisol levels, which cause stress and anxiety.

Because of its effect on childbirth and lactation, scientists have developed a Synthetic version of oxytocin To help women who are experiencing difficulties on these occasions.

“When labor does not progress, we do an intravenous infusion of oxytocin to induce an increase in uterine contractions,” says endocrinologist Mauro Antonio Chipelevsky, director of the division of endocrinology at SBEM (Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism).

Experts do not recommend using medication to feel better, as is the case autoimmune circulation From the hormone in the body, that is, we produce it naturally. Even the prospectus does not indicate any benefit in this sense, and still warns of negative effects: they can end up sick nasal cavity irritation with excessive use.

Indiscriminate use can also cause headaches, tachycardia, nausea, vomiting, uterine cramps, and even gastrointestinal disturbances. It is necessary to inhale a large portion of the product to reach this point but there are cases where the patient increases the dose as he does not feel the effects he wants until the end suffers from side effects.

Doctors recommendation? Seek professional help in case of any mental or sexual disorder, Never resort to self-medication.

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