Vigo 4000 SEMES specialists host the Emergency and Emergency Medicine Conference

About 4000 people will participate in the 32nd National Congress of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES)which will be held in Vigo From this Wednesday until next Friday, which will include more than 140 activities, 73 workshops and 50 tables.

This was announced by the scientific organizing committee of the event, which referred to it SEMES 2022 has been ranked as one of the most important conferences in Europe in emergencies and emergenciesSo in June, Vigo will be the “European capital” for this medical specialty.

Nearly 4,000 professionals, including doctors, nurses and emergency health technicians, will participate in the meeting under the theme ‘Sea of ​​Talents’. Beacon of specialization `and put the main challenges they face on the table.

Operation of emergency and emergency services in disaster management or ethical recommendations in CPR are some of the topics that will be discussed in Congress.

“In Spain, we are fortunate to have wonderful professionals, self-made, by will and a formidable mission. This conference is an example of the tremendous self-training that surrounds our profession because we do not have the specialization”, noted SEMES President, Tato Vásquez.

A decisive moment”

For his part, President of the Organizing Committee of the 32nd National Congress SEMES, José Manuel Fandinhoclaimed that the company is going through a “decisive” moment.

He added, “Achieving a major has never been so close before, but we also know that the defining moments are the hardest, resistance multiplies, and it is time to present our credentials as a group.”

Along the same lines, Caballero showed his pride in choosing Vigo to celebrate this conference, which will crowd between 3,000 and 4,000 people, making it the “most important” the city has received in its history.

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