Vertical lifts or how to burn fat from the thighs

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      Today it’s time to jump. Yes, yes, you read correctly. After we realize that incorporating rope into our routine we can burn tons of fat (remember the amazing effects on the body of a girl who jumped 1,000 jump ropes for a week) jumping feels like A great option for these last days of spring. Because yeah, girls, I don’t know if we’re fully aware that there are less than 15 days left for summer!

      And despite the fact that the cordless jump rope appeared almost in our lives, just like the great new wonders of the world, we wanted to find An exercise that we can comfortably incorporate into our routine. Above all, now heats up our desire to perform a routine bodysuit From the outside, it is evident. Because girls, the rope between the belly chain and the indoor squat is not viable.

      That’s why, after putting the cuddly accessory aside and going through all the workouts, we came across our sweetheart jumping cranes. Although on this occasion we wanted to take another step forward. Stimulate it near summer. And that’s if we can Amazingly tone the thighs and buttocks At the same time, Strengthen our heart With a slight change to the previous exercise…why not do it? Let’s all salute vertical jacks: The exercise we will achieve Tighten the buttocks and reduce the thighs. Oh yes!

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      Vertical jack: how is it?

      Although it can be done without equipment, our recommendation is that if you do it, do it in the best way and if By using an ensemble you can improve your results… welcome. For this exercise, you do not need to use a very strong rubber band. For example, this cheap package consists of three elastic bands with different resistance levels for less than 9 €, It could be a very good option.

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      s care

      8.99 €

      Once you get the bands, Put them join at the ankles. Then, jump forward and straighten your legs. one forward and one backward, Move your arms over your head In the opposite direction of the leg itself (coordination exercise).

      Important! Don’t forget to watch the band while you’re on the go Add speed to your workout (And with it, stimulating the heart) to Do not lose strength.

      With this exercise you will notice how Your heart rate is activated Likewise, you will realize how to lift Hamstring and gluteal stimulation. result? Works leaner and leaner muscles with quick opening and closing of the legs.

      Moreover, by maintaining tension Abdominal area We will also get a file Positive effect In the area that helps us burn calories and strengthen our muscles even more.

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