Unpublished video of the murder of Prosecutor Marcello Picci

A series of videos have managed to recreate the way they committed the crime in broad daylight at the Colombian tourist destination of Barro Island, in chronological order.

Almost a month after the murder of Paraguay’s attorney general, Marcelo Picchi, Colombian authorities are continuing their investigations. The Public Prosecutor’s Office recently released a set of videos that managed to recreate how the crime was committed in broad daylight on the tourist destination of Baro Island, Colombia.

CCTV videos shared by prosecutors show Beachy and the widow sunbathing on beach chairs when the gunman appears next to the motorist. After cutting in the sequence, they escaped.

The confessed killers of Paraguay’s anti-mafia prosecutor Marcelo Picci traced his location through his wife’s posts on social networks, in a plot planned for several days in Colombia, according to details of the investigation revealed last Tuesday.

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Colombian prosecutor Francisco Barbosa said at a press conference that the people who “participated” in the attack, most of whom were arrested on Friday, “gathered to arrange the crime with different functions within the operation” since May 5 in the city of Medellin.

45-year-old Becky was shot and killed May 10 on Barrow Island, near Cartagena, where he was celebrating his honeymoon.

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Barbosa added that five of those involved were arrested last Friday in Medellin, and four of them pleaded guilty. The sixth person responsible for the accident is still at large, apparently in Venezuela.

The “criminal structure” was led by Francisco Correa, who called the batterer who shot Becky from a water bike in front of his wife, Claudia Aguilera.

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Two other people involved, identified by the prosecutor, Christian Gonzalez and Marisol Londono, were responsible for the “monitoring and locating” of the couple.

“The criminals mentioned that they went missing on many occasions, but thanks to social networks they were able to locate” the prosecutor until he killed him in a hotel, Barbosa added.

The authorities have not identified the intellectuals responsible for the murder.

According to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office, the assailants shared the spoils of about 530 thousand dollars.

For his part, the Director of Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, said he had information about an old plan of the Brazilian drug cartel PCC (First Capital Command) to launch an attack on Pecci “in Paraguay, but to end it was not implemented.

Peche, who specializes in organized crime, drug smuggling, money laundering and terrorist financing, had investigated Brazilian gangs as well as Lebanese money launderers from the tri-border region of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

He was also responsible for high-profile cases such as the 2005 kidnapping and murder of the daughter of former Paraguayan President Raul Cubas (1998-1999), and the 2020 trial of soccer star Ronaldinho, who was arrested in Asuncion on charges of falsifying documents.

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