UEx, agrees to increase vacancies in medicine and nursing by 10%

The University of Extremadura (UEx) has shown its approval of the proposal made this morning by the Minister of Health and Social Services, José Maria Virgils, from 10% increase in places offered in medicine and nursing With the needs of specialists located in the country.

Before the meeting of the joint committee between UEx and the Ministry of Health that addressed the issue, the president of the university, Antonio Hidalgo, told the media today that he does not rule out that this increase will come even for the next course in medicine, although he sees the matter as “extremely complex” in nursing.

In medicine, what will happen 120 to 132 new studentsIt “can be considered” for the 2022-23 school year, Hidalgo stressed, although in nursing, which would be around 350 to 385 students, it would be more suitable for the next academic year because “the main problem will be to find clinical practices” to train students in hospitals. smallest.

Vergilis explained that he wanted these increases to be incorporated into the “next offer” of university places, though he admitted that it was a decision by the university, and that if this happened, the repercussions “would not reach even in eleven years” depending on the career period and student training.

The consultant noted that the need for this increase is a “reasonable position”, which was agreed upon at the Public Session of Human Resources in the National Health System (SNS) and already reported by the Ministry of Health to the National Conference of Medical Deans. Which in turn will be transferred to the deans of nursing faculties.

In Extremadura, he said “there is a circumstance” that there is only one public university and there is no private one, so this request is easier to transfer, because it only has to be processed with the UEx, he said.

“If they tell us that there is a need for an agreement from the board of directors of the Junta de Extremadura, notwithstanding the fact that the matter has already been reported in this body, it will be done as such, and if it is necessary to deal with it in some other way, it will be Facilitate that too,” Virgils explained.

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