Today, they will coerce whoever shot Orlando Jorge Mira

While the murderer confessed to a minister environment imprisoned in New City Court Waiting for the judge to hear a forced action in the next few hours, the Public Prosecution Yesterday, a series of interrogations began to deepen the circumstances of his murder Orlando Jorge Mira.

priest Jose Arismendi de Leon Helenawho received it in his parish and then handed it over to the authorities Miguel Cruz de la Mota After he shot the minister, he testified before the Public Prosecution Office.

The religious was in a meeting from the early hours of yesterday morning until about noon with the director of persecution in the Arab Republic of Egypt Public ProsecutionYenny Bernice Reynoso, charged with investigating the case.

The Father of the Church, Jesus Christ, the High and Eternal Priest, was the one to whom Cruz de la Mota handed the gun he used to commit the murder and confessed to having killed someone. Upon leaving the Public Prosecution Office, the pastor did not want to give details.

Another one that was filed yesterday with the Attorney General’s office is Francisco Contreras NunezProfessional Lawyer environment. He arrived at the institution around 11:45 AM, and the priest left.

environmental lawyer said free magazine It cannot issue data.

Yesterday it was revealed that the official in charge of security at the Ministry of Environment will also be interviewed.

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the facts

The Public Prosecution He explained that Cruz de la Mota, 56, committed the act in the office of Jorge Mera and then fled to the Church of Jesus Christ, High and Eternal Priest, located in the Renacimento sector.

As soon as she heard of the event, the prosecutor, Myriam German, arranged for a large team of prosecutors, headed by Yeni Bernice Reynoso, to report to the scene.

Who is Miguel Cruz?

Miguel Cruz de la Mota, who confessed to the murder of Minister Orlando Jorge Mera, was a close friend. I was visiting it and it was never checked into the establishment. He owns a firearms import shop and a 2013 registered Constructora Cruz de la Mota & Asociados company dedicated to “the design and construction of civil works and real estate sales,” according to official records.

A practicing journalist since 2014. He has worked in the major print media in the Dominican Republic. He writes about court cases, human rights, crime and other social issues.

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