They pick up in Puerto Rico a comet that will approach Earth next July

sinner Discovered in May 2017 Which was recently captured from Puerto Rico, will have a minor approach to Earth next July, the Astronomical Society of the Caribbean (SAC) said Tuesday.

Comet “C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS)” was recently captured from Saint-Germain (west) by Puerto Rican Raymond Negron, of SAC, who predicted the star will have its closest approach to Earth on July 14.

The committee said in a press release that the star has caught the attention of scientists because of its large and remarkable size, and it will pass “at a safe distance” from Earth.

“Although in telescopes it looks like a misty little speck of cotton, it is fascinating to see how massive this faint object is,” the organization said.

Observations by the Hubble Space Telescope show that although the comet’s nucleus is only 11 miles (18 kilometers) in diameter, the heat that the comet feels as it approaches the Sun causes it to form a massive “coma” or comet’s atmosphere as ice evaporates.

The educational entity also highlighted in the text that comet “K2” has developed a gaseous atmosphere with a diameter of 81,000 miles (130,000 km).

“In other words, as the ice changed from a solid state to a gaseous state, it formed a ball of gases that was 10 times the diameter of Earth, or roughly the size of Jupiter,” explained Eddie Irisari, SAC communication science.

According to experts, this comet comes from the so-called Oort cloud, which is located in the outer regions of the solar system, from a very distant region where it was traveling and approaching 3 million years ago.

Comet “C/2017 K2” was discovered in May 2017 from the PanSTARRS telescope system in Hawaii (USA) and at the time of its discovery, the comet was outside Saturn’s orbit.

Weather conditions permitting, SAC will display this comet and other astronomical objects to the public during a free observation night on June 18 at Gran Parque del Norte in Hatillo (North). Electronic business without the consent of the other.

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