They find two sunken ships and treasure near Galleon San Jose

(CNN Spanish) – The Colombian government on Monday released current photos of the remains of the San Jose Galleon, in which the treasures that remained in the depths can be seen.

Among the results of this new campaign are gold bars, swords, pots, bags and other treasures. The revelation of these videos from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea was announced by President Ivan Duque who announced, from Casa de Nariño, that two more sunken ships had been found.

“We have a history of about a dozen similar ships that will be located by the National Navy,” Duke said.

The San Jose Galleon is a Spanish ship sunk by English pirates in 1708 off the coast of Cartagena de Indias. The ship was located by the Colombian Navy in 2015.

President Duque noted that they had decided that the treasure would be “a unified, indivisible and inseparable heritage, that is to say, a whole, an immense inherited wealth”.

The President stressed that to achieve these new discoveries, the Colombian Navy used high-precision equipment with which he could verify that the place was not interfered with by man.

For his part, Defense Minister Diego Molano Aponte celebrated the expedition and promised to ensure the safety and protection of this national heritage.

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