They are illegally occupying homes and government posts in Santa Clara. The police do not interfere

For several months, the residents of Santa Clara lived in fear of a phenomenon that gained extraordinary power: the possibility of someone entering their homes illegally and refusing to leave. This has happened to many families who have closed their homes for one reason or another. Men and women came with children, broke down doors and moved on.

But it is not only about private homes, state buildings have also been invaded. In the month of May alone, eight medical offices were occupied across these roads, almost all of them in the Condado region. The same fate befell several places in Inder, the Ministry of Construction and the Council for Development and Reconstruction.

One of the most commented cases was in the rehabilitation room at Celestino Hernandez Hospital. The workers left there one day, and when they arrived the next day to take care of the elderly as they normally would, they were unable to enter. A woman with two children was denied access to this building.

It should be noted that most government establishments do not have adequate living conditions, as they lack kitchens and beds.

In any case, the invaders demand that they be given a home. It is known that some have asked for money to leave.

They were kicked out of their homes

In this regard, the official media forefrontShe collected testimonies from those affected, such as that of Margarita Martinez Abreu. Just a few days ago, strangers broke into his daughter’s home out of the country.

They entered on Saturday 28 May, under heavy rain. On Sunday, about 9:00 in the morning, the grandmother of my daughter-in-law told me that there were strangers, and when they called me from her house next door, they shouted at her: “Margarita does not live here.” When I arrived, I was not allowed to pass. Inside the house there was a girl who had a child of one and a half years old, more or less, and outside there was another who was pregnant.

Martinez Abreu immediately went to the police, the property is at hand, but they explained to him that they could do nothing. They told him that on Monday he should appear at the Municipal Housing Directorate.

“If this is my property and I want to keep it closed, do I not have the power to remove the people who are illegally occupying it?

The police do not act before the invasions

The same question spreads from mouth to mouth on the streets of Santa Clara. Why don’t the police act if their goal is to keep the citizen calm? His performance in the July 2021 protests is still vividly remembered by some, and the contrast with inaction now is striking.

Maria Emilia Garrix Barroso is among those affected who testified in the Villa Clara newspaper. Almost two months ago, intruders occupied a house she was looking after on behalf of her friends. One day someone reported that there was a strange client in the house.

I immediately called a friend and we went to the police unit. We stayed there for a long time, they took the data from me and I had to make an inventory of the memory of what was in the house. They told me, “This complaint should be with the Municipal Housing Office, because we have nothing to do with it.”

Garricks Barroso, who is 74 and has a history of heart attack, had to get up early in queues to do paperwork, searching for all the documents they required to start a legal proceeding. She even had to know the name, home address and ID number of the occupant.

“Meanwhile, people enter and leave the house, quarrels continue between her and her husband, they have broken the curtains, they use the equipment and furniture of the family, and they continue to deprive me of my belongings which I have left there, which I need She has not been able to recover, even with the key,” as She says upset.

The old lady asserts that she finds “the laws very weak in this respect and I say it honestly: Something must be done soon! Because there are more and more events like this.”

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