The public transport driver got off the bus to help an elderly man cross

The public transit bus driver made a big gesture with an elderly pedestrian as he got out of the unit to help him cross the street, so when he returned his passengers greeted him with standing ovations.

It was June 2 when a recording made by passengers of the Massive Integrated of the West (MIO) vehicle belonging to the SITM vehicle, in Cali, Colombia, began circulating on social networks, where he could see how he was driving The driver is older than his arm, he even uses a walking stick.

“The old man couldn’t pass, and he got off. That’s great. Pretend to be your father, the father of every one of them,” he heard the mention of a woman who was inside the truck from which the driver got off.

The video shows that after leaving the old man on the sidewalk, the driver turns back to cross the road, but has to wait for the traffic light to turn green for pedestrians.

While waiting for the driver, the woman says to the other people traveling in the transport: “We have to give him a round of applause, who does that?” And, indeed, when the operator climbs into the unit, everyone claps him, to which he turns and smiles at them.

“I wish everyone were that way, like you, sir,” “God bless you,” were some of the compliments the driver received when he got back at the wheel again.

In social networks, the MIO employee also received compliments: “What a beautiful act of generosity and that we never forget that we all go for old people”, “This is humanity, the thing that we have to save, affection and love for an old man”, “I like Driver attitude, you can see that he is enjoying life.”

Metro Cali, which is responsible for managing SITM, shared the video with the message: “We continue to build and add; for our people and our city.”

The company’s president also posted the video and noted: “We support people who help people, being part of MIO is understanding that good service also builds a better citizen culture every day.”

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