The priest who handed Miguel Cruz to the authorities arrives at the prosecutor’s office for questioning

About 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, he arrived at the facilities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, for interrogation purposes, Reverend Jose Arismendi de Leon, Who was the mediator between Miguel Cruz, Confessed to the killer of the environment minister Orlando Jorge Mira and the authorities.

Without making any kind of comment to the media, the pastor single-handedly went to the court to give his account of what he went through on Monday afternoon, when Cruz arrived at his church restless and nervous. confession to “killing a man”, At that time without mentioning the name of the victim.

After the minister was shot several times in his office, Miguel Cruz left the crime scene and fled to the parish of the High Priest and Eternal Priest in the Renacimento sector, the National District.

As soon as he arrived, the businessman desperately searched for the duty priest, and met Arismendi, who asked him to help him “turn himself in to the authorities”.

Cruz stayed in the church for several hours, However, until this moment, it is not known what he could have said to the representative of the Catholic Church.

After the bullfighter was arrested, Father Arismendi was summoned this morning by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to question him about what had happened.

When he introduced himself in the unit, he was contacted by the media. However, the religious He confined himself to saying that he “has nothing to say”.

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