The most exercises that help women in their fifties lose belly

The first thing to clarify is that you cannot burn fat in a topical manner. Therefore, there are no exercises to get rid of it Just belly fat.

“In fact , Fat is distributed throughout the body Generally, it is fixed to the abdomen or hips, breaking well-established canons of beauty. This fact is used by different Marketing Strategies Selling miracle workout programs that will make you lose that fat in just a few weeks”Explains to Saber Vivier Victor Diaz, personal trainer and expert in therapeutic exercises.

“Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Various studies confirm that we cannot oxidize and mobilize lipids in specific areas, demonstrating that We cannot lose localized fatAdd.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t lose your belly with exercise. In fact, Exercise reduces visceral fat even without significant weight loss.Point.

Victor Diaz explains what exercises are most effective to help reduce visceral fat, which increases especially in women over 50.

Strength exercises for fat

The visceral fat It is a type of fatty tissue linked to heart and metabolic diseases.

This type of fat increases in women menopause Because, among other factors, l Decreased estrogen production.

Increasing visceral fat affects Insulin resistance, causing changes in carbohydrate metabolism and dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), all of which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and other complications. These diseases are the leading cause of death in women.

As Victor Diaz points out, exercise reduces visceral fat even if there is no significant weight loss.

  • “Define a little more, strength training It seems to be one of the best tools for effectively reducing visceral fat deposits, although resistance exerciseEspecially high density. Definitely a combination of the two is the best option.”Confirms.

In studies where comparison . effect strength training program against a Aerobic exercise program (controlling calorie intake for both groups), resistance exercise has been observed to have an effect Biggest effect on fat lossEspecially visceral fat.

Now that we know that we can’t lose fat in a topical way but that it would be interesting to do solid work, let’s see What exercises can help strengthen the abdominal muscles.

The boards on the soccer ball

Isometric exercises like traditional front panels also sides They are very effective for abdominal work.

An alternative to advancing these exercises can be soccer ball also stir pot.

  • Stand on a headboard with your forearms resting on the ball and try to perform it circular motions Both ways, while maintaining control of your heart.

It is an anti-stretching exercise that requires multi-directional stability. I bought a recent study Activate the core muscles (central area of ​​the body) in different types of plank It has been shown that the plank with circular motions on the ball of the foot works more muscles (rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques, multis muscles and iliac muscles).


Lie on your back with your arms extended toward the ceiling and your legs bent at a 90-degree angle.

  • trying to keep your lower back stuck to the floor, Extend the opposite arm and leg.

press ballof

Stand sideways on an elastic band. make a file Front push rubber from your chest Preventing the resistance provided by the rubber from rotating your torso. It’s an anti-rotational exercise that’s tested basic stability.

  • It can also be done half kneeling (The jockey’s position) or with one leg in front of the other as variants of progression.

bird dog

It is one of the most traditional exercises to challenge lumbar stabilization. This exercise allows Improve spinal stability Without putting any load on it, developing muscle coordination and strengthening core muscles.

  • put yourself in it quadruped Trying to maintain stability in the central region. Extends and raises the opposite arm and leg. It is important to maintain coordination between the movement of the foot and hand during execution, as if they are part of the same axis. During the exercise, push the floor with the support hand, making sure that there are no rotational movements of the torso.

Basic multi-joint exercises like squats or deadlifts

If you do universal exercises More fats will oxidize It is a sit-up exercise, where you work out larger muscles that require more energy.

Also remember that the CORE functions to transfer forces between the lower and upper body and stabilize the spine. He doesn’t care about spinal flexion, so this must be done squatAnd the heavy weight Single-sided exercises can be more effective for your core than the challenge of 3,000 repetitions per day of the traditional abdominal “rumen” type.

TRX from knee to chest

This exercise requires some training but is very effective. The TRX It is a method that consists in performing suspended exercises with special straps.

Put your feet up on TRX stirrups Be horizontal on the floor in front of the plank with arms extended. Bring your knees to your chest in a controlled manner and return to the starting position.

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