The four guidelines for selection

Applicants to MIR 2022.

The Ministry of Health Published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette (BOE) award arrangement 217 MIR . PLACE which was vacant. Applicants with a The order number is greater than 6286 In the closing statement of the results and they could not because Non-community share They were called from 9:30 a.m. on June 13 to 12:00 p.m. on the 17th to win a vacancy. Like the rest of the applicants who have chosen to be awarded a place on this call, the process will be carried out exclusively through the means of remote communication.

For this reason, Carolina Darias management has been closely involved in order to resolve any suspicions that these doctors called in the second round, who do not have permission to reside in Spain, may have while preparing and submitting a list. to reach Professional health training (ESF).

How is the identity and signature of MIR applicants verified?

To verify the identity of those interested in the procedure, as well as to allow their signature by electronic means at the time of the electronic selection of the place, the recognized electronic certificate of a natural person or equivalent means may be used. (Cl @ ve) o Unencrypted authentication and signature based coordinate keysLicensed by the General Secretariat for Digital Management at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

How long do they have to pick a MIR position?

According to the decision published this Wednesday, it will be possible to request a place From 9:30 AM on June 13th to 12:00 PM on June 17thFor a medical degree, call applicants who do not have a residence permit in Spain with an application number greater than 6286 who have passed the dismissal mark and who have been affected by a quota outside the European Union.

Until when can I amend my initial MIR option?

The online application can be modified as many times as desired until the application deadline for a place has passed. In addition, according to the Ministry of Health, applicants will have Technical assistance In the event of any accident during the service hours from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm during the online application period.

How many MIR places can be requested?

The maximum number of places that can be requested will be Maximum number of vacancies The introduction resulting from the award sessions held from April 29 to May 20 for the medical degree corresponds to a total of 217.

“The applicant, based on an individual decision based on his abilities, skills and interests, shall give priority to the places he wishes to apply for in order of preference,” the Ministry specifies, which states that, according to their personal decision, the applicant is interested only in the specialty(s) certain or in CCAA or local area vacancies, “It is not necessary to specify additional places that you do not wish to join”.

However, they add that applicants who want a place must apply for a number of places greater than the number of vacancies to be awarded in the corresponding cycle to her order number published in the final lists of results due to the potential estimate of lifting resources.

Once the place assignment is completed, the doctor will receive in his email the credentials of the place allotted. The center’s contact phone number will appear on the credential, which you can contact from the time it is granted to receive instructions on the necessary procedures for incorporation. You can also download the credentials from the Ministry of Health website (Customize Places > Print Credentials).

On the other hand, from the Ministry of Health website (Awarding Places > Consulting Grant Places)Allocated venues can be viewed from 2:00 p.m. once the award session ends on June 17th.

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