The First Lady will not travel with Abenader to the summit to accompany the Jorge Villegas family

First Lady Raquel Arbagi has announced that she will not accompany President Luis Abenader to the Ninth Summit of the Americas as planned.

In addition to the fact that she was scheduled to participate in the meeting of the first ladies, which was held by the Association of Wives of Heads of State, she preferred to do so virtually.

The First Lady also clarified, through her Twitter account, that the reason for her absence was due to her desire to accompany the relatives of the late Minister Orlando Jorge Mira.

I decided not to travel because I want to accompany my relatives. From our dear friend and colleague Orlando Jorge Mira In these painful hours for them and for all Dominicans. My soul is in mourning.”

The President of the Republic announced that he will head this afternoon to Los Angeles, where the summit will be held, after changing the course of his trip due to the death of Jorge Mira.

This Monday, after Abenader and Arbaje left the Jorge Velgas family home, the stricken First Lady was seen with teary eyes and a palpable expression of sadness on her face.

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