The basic exercise for a healthy back and also strengthens your abdomen

If you want to have a healthy back and lower back and without discomfort for a longer time, it is necessary to perform exercises aimed at strengthening, mobilizing and stretching the area, but without harming it. In this new video, our personal trainer Victor Telles (Tweet embed), It teaches us an exercise for a healthy back that, in addition, helps tone and strengthen the oblique area of ​​the abdomen, which is the part that many people find difficult to improve.

It is a lateral bend of the torso against the wall, and it is necessary to use Pilates blocks or a surface to support the knees and Its height ranges from 10 to 15 cm.

It’s important to remember that This exercise is not recommended for people with disc or spine problems.. For them, he recommends making other, softer movements.

The idea is to move from side to side with your arms extended and do so constantly, on the same side, or alternately. It is a very fun exercise for the back and lower back, to strengthen and mobilize, but also makes you strengthen and tone the abdominal area from the sides.

In the video, Téllez explains how to do the exercise step-by-step, focusing on breathing and full movement.

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