Son of Jorge Mira on Miguel Cruz: “I’ve known that person since I was born, and I don’t know what happened in his head”

Representative Orlando Jorge Villegas, son of the late Orlando Environment Minister Jorge Mira, has denied knowing there was any kind of rift between his father and killer Miguel Cruz.

“I’ve known that person since I was born and he was well known to my family. I don’t know what’s going on in his head’,” said Jorge Villegas, explaining that they had no conflict and that they saw each other circumstantially because they were friends.

He also indicated that he had no information about the presence of witnesses at the time of the event and that Minister’s Office Mostly it remained open due to the “simplicity and hardware resistance” with which it was handled.

In addition, he said he hoped justice would follow the laws.

He indicated that his religious faith, which he has practiced for more than twenty years, will not allow him to hold a grudge.

“at its best”

During the Requiem for his father’s body, Jorge Velgas thanked the family for the signs of solidarity, affection and affection they had received in “the most difficult moment of their lives”.

He remembers that 11 years ago when he returned from Brazil he asked his father what he was doing in politics. At that time he was going through difficult circumstances. He said he had “learned to serve the nation and even in difficult times he will be there.”

Likewise, he highlighted the values ​​that distinguished his father, who rated him as a man who never got tired and always stood up.

He added that Orlando always worked in the government building and did not have enough time to see him, although he sometimes asked him to come together to eat, he confirmed that It was because he liked it And I enjoyed it.

“He was at his best,” said Jorge Villegas. When pronouncing a few words en masse.

the death

The murder of Fausto Miguel de Jesus Cruz de la Mota Orlando Jorge Mira Around noon last Monday, in the administrator’s office.

After the crime was committed, Cruz de la Mota was described by the authorities and the family of Jorge Villegas as a close friend of Orlando, Flee to the Church of Jesus Christ, the supreme and eternal priestLocated between Romulo Betancourt and Enrique Streets.

Arriving at the parish, he asked to speak with the local priest, José Arismendi de Leon Helena, confessing his crime to the pious, handing him the murder weapon and asking him to intercede with the authorities so that they could guarantee his life.

After that, the Public Prosecution and the National Police were present at the scene, arrested the killer and removed him from the church.

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