Rueda asks government to recognize emergency medicine specialty to help alleviate doctors’ deficit in primary care without further delay

Xunta’s president, Alfonso Rueda, today stressed the need for the government to recognize the emergency medicine specialty to help alleviate, without further delay, the shortfall of doctors in primary care.

While attending the 32nd National Congress of SEMES (Spanish Society for Emergency and Emergency Medicine), Rueda assured that the Galician Executive Director would continue to support this request, as the plenary session of the Galician Parliament had already done in December 2020, approving, unanimously, an initiative to urge the Central Administration to create this Specialization.

“This situation should be resolved as soon as possible and it will be one of the issues that will be discussed in the meeting with Pedro Sanchez,” he said, stressing that if the emergency room and primary care were two different specialties, with different places on display, it would be easier for departments to know how many professionals there are. New recruits to be counted each year, thus avoiding training in primary care physicians who would later practice outside health centers.

“While we continue to wait, we will continue from Xunta to do our homework on what powers we have over it,” he emphasized, recalling the commitment to a comprehensive renovation of the Galician health services, adapting emergencies to the future, more spacious, more comfortable and modern.

On this point, he explained, in the past decade Galicia has increased the emergency area of ​​its general hospitals by about 6000 square metres: in Vigo, the emergency room in Conquero has nearly doubled the space that was in the general hospital and hospital. Meixoeiro together at CHUAC, where the area has been increased by 1,000 square meters; In the hospital complex of the University of Santiago, with an area of ​​​​800 square meters; in the Hospital del Salnes, whose repair allowed the area to be tripled; And at Barbanza Hospital, which has an area of ​​39% since 2019.

“And in the coming years, we plan to increase the emergency area in hospitals in Marinha by 97%, up to 160% in Gran Monticello de Pontevedra; another 120% from the new CHUAC; 42% from Ferrol Hospital and 144% from Vieren Hospital,” adding to the recall Implement various programs that contribute to improving this service, such as the stroke care plan, the sepsis assistance plan or the anaphylaxis assistance.

Likewise, he evaluated the day-to-day work of 061-Galicia, a service for which the European Foundation for Quality Management has awarded the 500 Seal of Excellence, making it the only independent emergency medical service in Spain with this distinction.

The Xunta President concluded by thanking the physicians working in the emergency room for their commitment, dedication, teamwork, and ability to adapt to new situations; Some strengths that are becoming more apparent than ever during the pandemic: caring for the most critically ill and those entering the emergency room, when the virus was still unknown to everyone; and adapting to changing protocols and new ways of working from day to day.

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