Posthumous letter about Don Orlando Jorge Mira

Being a journalist means, to a large extent, telling stories. Today how do I say Silvio RodriguezMy story is difficult and I will not tell you about an ordinary man. I want to tell you about Orlando Jorge Mira who you met

And to do so, I use my chief weapon, the Word as a faithful testament to the legacy bequeathed to this country by someone who was humble, noble, and hard-working.

Specifically, this asserts that you cannot be a good professional if you are not a good person. Because he is a public servant Orlando Jorge Mira He was a tireless and unstoppable worker, dedicated and truly interested in doing things right and well.

In the case of his last public service as Minister of environmentI tell you that his passion started early. Before the decree was issued, Don Orlando was already working hard. So it was methodical and orderly. The first thing was the moral obligation. Putting the North on its administration: He could not choose better! Don Orlando announced that he is going to The Ministry of Environment Without interests on one side or the other, merely, as a lawyer at last, to enforce the laws.

The second spoke a lot about his democratic vision because he devoted himself to dialogue and devoted himself to opening the doors of that ministry so that all sectors could hear.

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The days were long. They have been involved in documenting themselves in environmental matters but also learning about every protected area in this country. Don Orlando took up the challenge so passionately that his profile picture was changed and from this official lawyer he was transformed and even adopted the colors of nature.

As he himself said, the change was real and easy, because it came from a long tradition of beekeeping and his passion as a runner and cyclist.

I remember that in his first speech as Minister of the Environment he asked to summon all his collaborators, and in the yard of the building from which his body was taken today, he said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Mr. Orlando, you have taken many steps of service, dedication and effort to do a good job!.

The only thing that gives me peace is that in spite of morals, in view of the proximity, I have avoided as much as possible flattery on him in public, in order to maintain objectivity, in secret, as a citizen, I have told him many times of the good work he was doing and that I I knew it wasn’t easy in this country.

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I dared to write this letter because there are no examples of public service and law enforcement officials in this country. today, Orlando Jorge Mira It is an example of the cost that some who dare to face interest have to pay. But don’t let fear win and your work may be an inspiration to many!

I conclude these words with gratitude, because Don Orlando, personally, believed in my generation and always supported us when he was born. Saturday sun when we did Youth, Women and Politics Symposium When I published my book. It was in every project or step we took.

To my dear and admirer Delia, my friend Orlandetto, Dona Patricia and her other relatives, my condolences and sympathy.

To the country: We lost a good man and a good public servant.

To Don Orlando a final message: mission accomplished! Rest in peace now! he deserves it!

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