“Petro is a chameleon, he tries to deceive the country like those Barbies who change their costumes”: Angel Picassino

Semana: Less than 12 days before the elections, how do you see the presidential race?

The Cassino Angel: I feel a lot better for Rodolfo Hernandez, the confrontation is very imminent. consequences tracking The newspapers are showing us what we thought was going to be a face-to-face thing. Two and three points would end up being an exaggeration, but Rodolfo is doing very well, touring the country, talking to many people. We are making progress.

Semana: And does this head-to-head rivalry worry you?

AB: We believe it is necessary for the country to send the message of unity that we are sending, to make that call to unity to push it forward. Change is not easy at all, change like the change we suggest is not like a power switch one presses and that’s it. This change needs the addition of wills and consistency in those wills. We are very consistent in this way. Unfortunately, another campaign is calling for the country to be set ablaze, and it is putting very heavy pressure on Colombia not to continue the division it has created, but to deepen it, making it even more violent. We believe that the country is not ready to continue more violence, which is why we call for unity. This is the consistency we will have in the next few days. Every moment we gather that unity, is something that will benefit the country.

Semana: What will Rodolfo Hernandez’s campaign auction look like?

AB: We will not finish, we will continue to work until the last minute. Here it’s not like what Petro did in the first round who put all the instruments and display in the red room of the Tekindama Hotel with scraps of paper, drums and cymbals. We are a simple, modest and strict campaign. We campaign in the image and likeness of the majority of Colombians. We respect the conditions that the majority live in in this country, conditions of poverty, and limited resources. We want to be consistent with this real country.

Samana: Mohandes started touring the areas where Petro won in the first round, with the exception of Vichada. Is this part of the strategy?

AB: It is an acknowledgment of what the country is going through, where the state has been very absent, where the government has only manifested as a military force and there are a lot of things that citizens expect and don’t receive. On the other hand, Hernandez will be touring the Caribbean coast, and he will be making incursions into other areas of the country, but what we do is call Colombia, listen, and share what he thinks should happen in the country.

Semana: Yes, but Barranquilla, Montería, are cities where Trismo is strong and where Rodolfo Hernandez has lost …

AB: Yes, you mentioned Barranquilla and I’m telling you overall in Atlantico, it’s a district where only 34% of those eligible voted. Thus, they are places that are not with Gustavo Petro, they are places with many needs, where people often responded to the kind of free market like “I change my vote for some services” or cement or that kind of story. At the time, there are a majority of those departments that are either looking at where they’re headed or haven’t yet made firm decisions or things like that.

week: Do you have 5 million votes for Fico Gutiérrez?

AB: no. The elections are not 2 + 2, and the votes of those who join cannot be added. What I have clear is that a lot of the vote that Federico Gutierrez suddenly got was a vote that he didn’t want to know anything about the possibility of Petro taking over the government of Colombia. This vote has a real and reasonable path: Rodolfo Hernandez.

Some of these voters are considering a blank vote, and a blank vote is clearly a kind of soft vote for Petro because it would be in his favour. I think in the next few days a lot of people will reconsider what they think today, with a few days left. At the last minute, it seems to me that much of that questionable vote or one that he’s considering in white will be voiced by Rodolfo Hernandez.

Semana: The attacks by Petrismo are getting stronger. Is the engineer also resisting?

AB: We send the country a unit message. The attacks are really pathetic. We suspect they will be more and more violent as they try to force things until Petro wins, but to the extent that they don’t succeed, we stay tied up, they will intensify, they will take elements of who in their absence, they will try to attack with some lies, they will invent information and manipulate it and try to do harm . We try to build, they try to hurt.

Semana: Do you think it was a wrong start when the engineer said that Uribe died politically and that he was angry?

AB: Yes, it was a false start. Sometimes I feel that Rodolfo is in pain: he killed his daughter. I think he may feel that that government did not do what was necessary so that this circumstance would not be the same, that the kidnapping was not a virus that was spreading across the country and became almost the currency of those days. Perhaps this is a sign of bad taste with regard to Uribe, and it has manifested itself in this way. Obviously it was the wrong way, but I insist that’s not what Rodolfo wanted to say.

Semana: What do we do with the radical change, the democratic center, the liberal party, the conservatism? They don’t want to vote for Gustavo Petro, but the engineer doesn’t want them either, despite his need for them…

AB: Rodolfo has one thing clear: the alliance he is proposing is with the Colombians, not with the political parties. He argues that the parties have abandoned ideology and become means or bridges to it lobby from contractors.

He calls for a union of Colombians, not a union of parties. If the hardening of those parties is in Colombia’s best interest, they have a very clear door to the future: Rodolfo Hernandez. There is also an intricate door that the state fearfully registers as the door meaning Gustavo Pietro.

One of the strange and surprising things at the moment and the chameleon position that Petro has taken is that today, with his alliances with a few sectors of traditional politics, he is referring to what Colombians said “no” on May 29, to the past, to the union of political parties, to the mechanism. This is the reality of today: Gustavo Petro, a chameleon who tries to deceive the country by appearing as Barbie who changes their costumes.

Semana: What will happen to Sergio Fajardo? Are you still waiting for him?

AB: It’s not that we expect it, we expect Sergio Fajardo to vote as we expect the whole country to vote. As for what will happen to him, Rodolfo believes he has a very important role to play for this country. Rodolfo’s doors were not closed to Sergio. There were several moments when he called Fajardo to reconsider his position, but it is Sergio who decides that future. This space is open. Now, at this moment, Sergio is a vote, it’s nothing more than a vote. He said he is not going to give this vote to Petro, hopefully that means he is giving this vote to the Unity Project represented by Rodolfo Hernandez.

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