Orlando Jorge Mira had the best moment of his life

vice Orlando Jorge Villegasson of the murdered Orlando Jorge MiraOn Tuesday, he announced that his father was having “the best moment of his life” as Minister of Environment and Natural Resources.

Jorge Villegas, who spoke during the funeral mass that was celebrated in the Church of San Rafael in National Palacehe said, that his father welcomed this ministry “as if he had been born there” because he “has devoted himself in time and spirit to his public administration.”

Jorge Villegas thanked the “shows of solidarity and affection we received at the most difficult moment of our lives, our father’s sudden passing. Orlando Jorge Mira. There were many letters and calls and all of them highlighted the extraordinary person who lived and gave everything for his country.

The young Jorge Villegas recounted, “About 11 or 12 years ago I came back from Brazil and asked him: ‘What are you doing in politics?’ He told me that I learned to serve the country and even in difficult times I will be there.’ Even in the most difficult moments of his political life, he always showed his simplicity, optimism and those good feelings, which always showed his resilience, his sympathy and, as the President mentioned, his ability to strive for consensus even in most cases. difficult moments. I told him sometimes, you don’t get tired, you don’t get a bite one day, and he always said to me with such patience: No, that’s not my nature.

Orlando Jorge Villegas He sought the president’s continuity, “that the legacy of peace, reconciliation and surrender (my father) is present in our government, of which he was a part and also part of its construction.”

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