Miguel Cruz’s daughter breaks silence and says her father was a lifelong friendship with Jorge Mira

daughter Miguel CruzAnd the Confessed to the killer of the environment minister and natural resources, Orlando Jorge Mirabroke the silence this afternoon and said the two had known each other their whole lives.

The young woman, whose name was not shown to the press when he approached her, said that she was a Tragedy that affected both the family And that at that time they will provide details for public opinion.

“We are brothers for life, one Friendship of more than 30 years and nothing, The woman, who was clearly affected when she climbed the stairs of the building that houses the National District Prosecutor’s office, said at the time when the deputy decided so and the lawyers will make more statements.”

Asking for respect and rationality for both families.

“The truth is that this was a tragedy that was very difficult on both sides, we ask you to please respect and try to maintain sanity and respect for both families,” he said.

Jorge Mira passed away At least yesterday afternoon after receiving 7 shots made by Miguel Cruz In his private office at the Ministry of the Environment, a fact that shocked the country and drew attention to the levels of violence affecting Dominican society.

The Remnants of the official veiled From this afternoon at Blandino’s funeral home, after performing a body mass in a church the national palace, Which was attended by President Louis Abenader and dozens of officials.

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