Jorge Villegas on his father: He was in the best moments of his life, dedicating his body and soul to the state

Representative Orlando Jorge Villegas, son of the deceased Environment Minister Orlando Jorge MiraThank you, on behalf of the family, for the signs of solidarity, affection and love they have received “The hardest moment of their lives.”

“There were many messages and calls and all of them highlighted the extraordinary person my father was in life, who gave everything for his country“Everything, absolutely everything,” Salvador Jorge Villegas crossed at the bodily mass he presented to his father in the San Rafael Chapel of the National Palace.

He remembers that 11 years ago when he returned from Brazil he asked his father what he was doing in politics. At that time he was going through difficult circumstances. he said that “He has learned to serve the country and even in difficult times he will be there.”

Salvador Jorge Villegas highlighted the values ​​that distinguished his father, who characterized him as a man who never got tired and always stood up.

“they Simplicity, optimism, good feelingsDeputy District 1 of the National District and Leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), said his resilience, compassion and ability to seek consensus even in the most difficult moments will remain.

At the end of his speech, Salvador Jorge Villegas reiterated the gratitude his family feels for accompanying him in times of pain.

We want to reiterate our family’s gratitude. We know he’s gone to a better place. He was in the best moment of his life, for he was serving body and soul and devoted to his public function,” he said.

He added that Minister Orlando Jorge Mira always worked in the government building and they did not have enough time to see him, although he sometimes asked him to meet together to eat, but he emphasized that it was because he liked and enjoyed it.

“He was at his best”Jorge Villegas reassured when uttering a few words at Mass.

The assassination of Orlando Jorge Mira

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic, Orlando Jorge Mira, passed away Monday morning at the age of 55. After being shot in his office.

According to the information of the Public Prosecution Office, the attacker: Miguel Cruz, 56, close friend, He went and without prior registration of guns shot someone he had known for more than two decades.

Yesterday, Jorge Villegas’ family published a statement where Forgive the abuser.

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