Jorge Mira managed to calm the difficult electoral moments

Decisive moments, classified as difficult, during 2016 elections s 2020Thanks to the conciliatory spirit and discipline of the late politician, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge Mira.

This is explained separately for free magazine Political delegates to the Central Electoral Council (JCE) of the Dominican Liberation Parties (PLD), Danilo Diazof the Christian Social Reformers (PRSC), Tacitus Perdomoof the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Janet Camilo Based on country alliance (Alpais), Sergio Holguin and Secretary General of the Regional Security Council, Ramon Rogelio Ginao.

PDL member Danilo Diaz expressed that Jorge Mera was a decent citizen and that he had become one of the most important channels of understanding for his party, the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), through dialogue and mediation. Diaz, who for eight years was involved with the late leader to take over positions of political delegates, highlighted the key role he played in promoting democracy In difficult situations in 2016 and 2020.

“For the February 2020 crisis, he played a very important role in this part. By agreeing on the rules of the game he guarantees the confidence of all partiesDiaz revealed. He referred to the suspension of municipal elections in 2020.

sync with Tacitus PerdomoWhich indicated that Jorge Mira “extinguished the fires” that were armed with the “Pink Alliance” in 2016 and 2020. The Dominican people, his family and his party have lost a great man“, He expressed.

Whereas, Perremeísta Janet Camilo said that the extinct politician was a peaceful, resolute decision-maker, bound by regulations, a calculated and wise opponent.

Holguin, of Alpais, has always expressed his astonishment at the fact that he gave performances and denunciations in his opposing role in a rather benign manner.

The Secretary-General of the Palestine Red Crescent Society, Ramon Rogelio Ginao, said he was “a political man”, displayed great peace, was always available and polite.

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