Joe Biden arrives in Los Angeles on a mission to save the Summit of the Americas

Angels.- On Wednesday, Joe Biden will land in Los Angeles with a major challenge: try to change the mood and save the Ninth Summit of the Americas, which the United States is organizing again after 28 years. The appointment has already been overshadowed by the absence of leaders, the lack of a common vision and ambitious promises or initiatives that cut the historical distances that characterize the relationship between North and South. It is reported that Biden will succeed.

Although all countries will send delegations, many leaders have decided not to attend the summit, the only meeting that brings together all the countries of the continent. The governments of Bolivia, El Salvador, Granada, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Saint Kitts and Nevis will send officialsAccording to the latest official list, the White House has excluded Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela because “we don’t think tyrants should be invited,” as Biden’s spokeswoman, Karen Jean-Pierre justified, The final point of the discussion was that the Biden government stretched to the point of exhaustion and drew attention in the introduction to the meeting.

Biden will now try to change the tone and story of the summit. Senior White House officials in a call with reporters acknowledged there was “significant interest” in the turnout and guest list, and sought to begin shifting focus to what they called “the crux of the summit,” a broad agenda. From regional infrastructure to energy, climate change, food, health and digital integration.

The President will use the Summit of the Americas to align regional leaders, the private sector, and civil society behind an ambitious new agenda.beginning with the region’s economic agenda,” North American officials noted.

The summit belongs to the United States, which organized its first meeting in 1994. It was another world. The region’s leaders saw a future rooted in democracy, capitalism, and free trade that now seemed more remote than ever. Democracy has waned, even in the United States, as has the promise of “European-style” integration. 9/11 attacks fractures in latin america And the emergence of China as a strategic player in the region, with a strong infrastructure investment plan, has widened the gap with Washington, which cares more about other regions of the world than its neighbors.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (file)

We will defend the rights and unity of Latin America. Unity is not demanded, it is practiced. And the best way to practice it is to not separate anyone.”I applied in Buenos Aires, before the president’s travel Albert Fernandez, Set the tone for the message he will deliver in Los Angeles.

Biden will attempt to begin to forge a new consensus rooted in the economy under the slogan “Building a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future.” hostage to its constraints, with no important partners in the region and very little political capital, Biden will launch the Association of the Americas, an umbrella to increase investment in the region by giving a more significant role to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)which it will propose to reform, and the bank’s private arm, IDB-Invest, “to support the deployment of private capital and help direct it where it will have the greatest impact.”

“The overall goal is to build our economies from the bottom up and from the center out on the foundation established by our free trade agreements. with the region to better address inequality, lack of economic opportunity and equity.”

“The Summit is an opportunity for us to come together in one hemisphere to address some of the key concerns of the people in the region, including getting Economic prosperity, climate change, the migration crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic″, they dug.

The White House indicated that five documents will be published reflecting An “ambitious hemisphere consensus” that ranges from supporting civil society to promoting digital connectivity. On Friday, he is due to sign a declaration on immigration, one of the priorities of the Biden government, which sees every picture of refugees arriving en masse at the border with Mexico robbing his administration of popularity.

Biden will also announce more than $300 million in assistance to the region to tackle food insecurity and pledge ‘To work together to tackle food insecurity in the Americas’The White House promised. Vice President Kamala Harris also announced new private investment plans in Central America worth $1.9 billion.

The US president will also announce a Partnership on Climate, Resilience and Adaptation with the Caribbean, an area often left out of many development tools used by the G-7, G-20 and multilateral development banks. challenges.

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