It appears before and after entering medical school

  • The student used TikTok to show the obvious financial toll on his medical school.
  • The student, Javi Ochoa, showed off a series of photos and selfies from the start of his medical school looking excited.
  • Then he compared them to showing current selfies of himself looking tired and bags under his eyes.

A student used TikTok to show off material cost That the medical school charged him, which sparked controversy among viewers.

javifromtiktok Reply to @okay_great imma Make this a series lol #medschoollife #medschoollife #medschoolproblems #medstudentlife #premedadvice #premedstudent ♬ About Cursed Time – Lizzo

Student Javi Ochoa (@javifromtiktok), She showed a bunch of pictures and selfies when he entered medical school You look excited. Later Compare them by showing current selfies of himself Look tired and puffy under the eyes.

“How old was medical school for me: Part 2?” Reads text overlay.

“But the glory days will be back soon,” Ochoa continued via an on-screen text message, noting how he looked at the beginning. He was responding to a comment that claimed he was “a 20-year-old in medical school”. Ochoa has more than 40,000 followers on the platform.

As of Wednesday, the video has received nearly 3.5 million views and more than 2,500 comments.

A sign of dropping out of medical school?

Many viewers took Ochoa’s video as a file Signing that they must leave medical school Choosing a different profession to practice.

“Note made, don’t go to medical school,” one viewer commented on the video.

Another said, “Maybe this is my seriousness not to apply to medicine and do dentistry instead.”

A third commented, “I am convinced I am no longer interested in medicine.”

One viewer commented that Ochoa was between 23 and 53, and others said they would never let the job stress them out.

One TikTok user said, “No job will lose me my youth like this, sorry.” In response to the comment, Ochoa wrote, “Haha, that’s cute.”

Other students have reported similar changes

It looks like TikToker He wasn’t the only user who dropped out of medical school to look much older. Other medical students have commented that they have had similar experiences.

“I lost half of my hair during the year of training,” said one user.

Another wrote: “Same… I will get Botox after my graduation…”.

Others said so Ochoa’s dramatic transformation shows how stress affects the body. One viewer said it was ironic that he works in the health field.

The viewer wrote: “The sarcasm of the healthcare industry never ceases to amaze me.”

Another viewer commented: “I think this really shows what stress can do to the body itself. Stress can kill people faster than eating fried chicken every day.”

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