Hipolito Mejia on insecurity: “We cannot be allowed to fall into Haiti under any circumstances”

The former President of the Republic, Hipólito Mejia, considered the latter Measures taken By the government to confront the insecurity of citizens is necessary so that the country does not fall into the situation of Haiti.

“If it had to be done, it was done, The government is obligated to maintain calm So that we do not fall into Haiti, we cannot be allowed access to that under any circumstances,” the former president said, referring to the many gangs that still in the neighboring country control some neighborhoods of Haiti.

Mejia’s remarks were made as he left the funeral of Sofia Leonor Sánchez Barrett, a former deputy of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and former bank supervisor.

His remains are on display at the Blandino Funeral Home on Abraham Lincoln Avenue in this capital city.

President of the Republic Luis Abenader Last Thursday’s Instructions That afternoon, a mixed operation between elements of the national police and military personnel of the armed forces would begin to mitigate crime and ensure peace of mind for the citizens.

The head of state attributed the wave of thefts and criminal acts to the opening more than a year after the outbreak of the epidemic.

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