Former Chancellor Sarah Castellanos confirmed that her daughter drowned and was revived

The former chancellor of Bogotá, Sarah Castellanos, shared on her social networks what she calls a “miracle”.

According to his post, His youngest daughter drowned in a swimming pool and when he found her she had no vital signsAnd the However, she “sent” the little girl on her way to the hospital.

“Today (Saturday), within seconds, I found my baby Zara Esther with no vital signs in the pool. No words to describe how I feel. At that moment, it’s not the words that come out of our mouths, it’s moaning asking for resurrection! “

Sarah Castellanos and her husband, Lao Guerra Felho, are chaplains at the International Charismatic Mission Church. And on their social networks, they usually share Christian content and part of the activities they lead in that place.

And so the former councilwoman continued her story, in which her faith is manifested: “My baby is gone. Gone. His gray color, his purple lips, I couldn’t help but scream and beg for mercy from the living God we serve!”

The woman reported that her husband arrived at the scene and began to give first aid to the girl, but there was no response.

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Finally, Esther spat out water and food, but she was still colorless and unresponsive. I knew our day had come “from the valley of the shadow of death,” but I was crying out to spend it with Jesus.”

According to Castellanos, they drove to the hospital while her husband continued to give their daughter oral resuscitation. “We begin the cry of resurrection. On the way home to the clinic, Esther rose from the dead. God breathed life and brought it back to us“, he added.

“She cried when a baby was first born,” Castellanos said, also adding that her crying meant her baby was “born again.”

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after waking up, Castellanos recounts that she prayed with her husband that the young girl would not suffer any traces of her lungs or nervousness..

“When she arrived at the hospital, she was surrounded by all the experts, and with a little force, she lifted one hand and put it on her head and put the other to suck her thumb, which is what our Esther always does. This was a sign that Esther was back in good health.”

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This Sunday, after little Zara Esther had been under medical observation for several hours, Former Bogotá Councilwoman updated her daughter’s health status She wrote on Instagram: “The same neurologist said when he saw her: God is great! They do all the tests because what she went through was very serious, but the same doctors are amazed that she is 100% healthy.”

The post was accompanied by a video of her daughter smiling and lively and drinking water in her hospital bed.. In addition, Castellanos wrote the following meditation: “Today I have been planning his funeral, and instead I see a living miracle.”

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