ETECSA accepts arrears with landline and launches this temporary solution

The Cuban telecommunications company, known as ETECSA, confirmed delays of up to three years in moving and operating thousands of landlines. In an effort to alleviate the conditions of these customers of the country’s only phone company, a temporary solution was announced.

At the state level, this “alternative” was approved due to the backwardness prevailing on the island. The Villa Clara weekly, Vanguardia, reported it this way in a press release. According to this information, ETECSA will offer customers who have been waiting for a transfer since 2019 a Fixed Telephone Alternative (TFA) service.

“Transfers for 2019 are currently in the process of contracting, and in the next few days applicants for 2020 and 2021 will be contacted,” He said For Media Dianezi Barreto Martinez, the company’s reporter mentioned in the province.

Barreto added that since 2019, nearly 2,000 people in Villa Clara have been waiting for a land line change, most of them for a change of address. According to the specialist, the delay is due to the “unavailability of fixed networks.”

It seems that the situation will not improve in the coming months, and the province, with the support of the national leadership of course, will provide alternative telephone services to its customers. They add that once the landline network is expanded, they will again change their “alternate landline phone to a landline”.

The alternative fixed line, known on the island as “microphones”, is a prepaid service supported by the 2G mobile network. It has a monthly fee to pay 20 Cuban pesos, valid for 30 days only and its consumption depends on when it is used. Calls from cell phones to these phones are free.

ETECSA explained in Villa Clara that this is happening all over the country. It is an alternative that applies to the whole country. Each county determines the number of users who will be able to have this solution, as it depends on the resources and availability of traffic on the ubiquitous 2G mobile network,” they explained.

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