Criminals kill two people in Santiago

Unidentified assailants killed a private security guard Monday night who was working in a cement company on the Joaquín Balaguer Highway in Santiago.

Meanwhile, the police said they are investigating three illegal Haitians in connection with the death of a 73-year-old woman in Lysé Elmedio, 7 kilometers east of this city.

Despite the mixed operations of the police and the army, the violence does not stop in this province.

The victims of the past 24 hours have been identified as Leonor Franco Morell and Venezia Altagracia Rodriguez, 73.

Franco Morell, who worked as a security guard at a cement distribution company, died of stab wounds, according to the report.

In the same accident, Luis Enrique Ventura was injured, hit with a piece of wood.

The police claim that the person responsible for the act has been duly identified and that they are looking for him to arrest him and bring him to justice.

Similarly, three dogs who served as guards for Cementos Argos were killed by thieves, who, according to a source from the company, were carrying cash and other valuables.

The National Police of Cibao Central reported that they are investigating three Haitian immigrants in connection with the death of Venezia Altagracia Rodríguez, 73, whose body was found with stab wounds, at her home in the municipality of Lyce al Medio, in this province.

As evidence, the science police collected a black jacket, latent fingerprints and a cell phone, as well as observing various footprints of the shoes.

Law enforcement reports that of the Haitians arrested in connection with the woman’s death, two are men and one woman.

The bodies were sent to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) in the city of Santiago, for the corresponding legal purposes.

Residents of Guachibeta
Some residents of the Guachubeta sector of the capital agreed yesterday to stop the attacks and clashes between gangs in the same neighborhood, after the joint operation between the National Police and the Armed Forces. But they suggest that the authorities intervene in the homes to seize the firearms owned by some residents.

During a tour of the neighborhood by a team from LISTÍN DIARIO at about noon, a young woman, who did not wish to reveal her name for fear of reprisals, said that in previous days she had not been sitting with the attendants where they were. At that moment because of the ongoing clashes taking place in the area.

“I think at this time, on other days, we were in the cemetery because that wouldn’t be done here,” said the young woman, referring to the fact that in broad daylight at 12:00 noon there was a great shooting confrontations at Al Shabab and they had to flee for their lives. .

Theft in the local CDP

Unidentified persons entered the offices of the College of Dominican Journalists (CDP), Santiago branch, located in the La Villa sector, and carried an air-conditioning compressor and a cell phone belonging to the union secretary.

The CDP Board of Directors in Santiago reported that thieves apparently jumped off walls and carried an air conditioning compressor used in the union organization’s head office.

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