Abenader says Jorge Mera has never been afraid of the dangers of change

President Louis Abenadr And this Tuesday he spoke in the body of the murdered minister, Orlando Jorge Mira In the Church of San Rafael in the National Palace, where he assured that the government will continue to carry out its work efficiently and transparently.

The president also said that the death Jorge Mira He specifies that being a public servant is not an award, but rather a significant commitment that will lead them to take on many challenges.

“The changes that have occurred in recent years bring with them many challenges and dangers that Orlando has never feared,” he said. Abenadr.

He explained, “Orlando assumed and achieved this change in its form and in its management, and it is inevitable for all of us to grieve and accept this fact.”

“This tragedy tells and defines us, that being a government employee is not a prize but a great commitment that confronts us with many challenges, only a passion for justice, transparency and breaking old schemes is what leads us to resist, to continue to manage as people demand and as circumstances force us to.” Abenadr.

He said that they will work with the government to try to contribute to eliminating and reducing the epidemic of violence that the world is witnessing.

Abenadr The minister was identified as a man of peace. address the family Jorge Miraensuring that they will always remember him as a great father, a wonderful husband, a great friend, and an extraordinary son.

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