“A futile proposal to bury the OAS”

San Jose. – After the first days of Ninth Summit of the AmericasIn Los Angeles, California, the possibility of pushing the initiative of the President of Mexico seems more and more remote, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorto bury the Organization of American States (OAS) and replace it with a hemispherical forum modeled on the European Union (EU), with the United States in…but without Washington’s control.

Despite López Obrador’s insistence, the majority of the 33 Latin American and Caribbean governments seem withdrawn or engulfed in internal crises and without the desire or time to engage in regional and external conflicts and attrition as the OAS shuts down and opens another forum.

Bolivian diplomat Jaime Aparicio, former Bolivian ambassador to that organization, warned that “with the exception of Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia, there is no consensus on closing the OAS and opening a structure with an uncertain future.” Lopez Obrador is ridiculous. Nobody explained to him that the European Union is a union of democracies. The basis of their unity is that they have democracies. How do you want to create the Organization of American States under another name and be an economic and political integration of disparate regimes like those in the region? “It makes no sense,” Aparicio said. Globalism. “The democratic clause is necessary. If not, there would be no European Union, which was created to prevent new dictatorships in Europe after the First and Second World Wars, and to build interconnected democracies. It is incomprehensible that Lopez Obrador would propose something doomed to fail. Leap into the void” .

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Diplomatic sources said that the Mexican president who is absent from Los Angeles will not be able to promote his “Pharaonic” project in the Organization of American States. This Lopez Obrador idea is not isolated. Salvadoran lawyer, political scientist and former left-wing gunman Benjamin Cuellar, leader of the Victims Claims Group (VIDAS), El Salvador’s (non-governmental) advocacy group, said: I don’t know if he wants to use this idea, knowing that it is a semi-lost cause, as a springboard to launch himself as a leader for the unity of the region. It saddens me that the people of our country continue to raise their hopes with resonant and grotesque advertisements that go nowhere.”

“[López Obrador] He decided not to attend the summit, but sent his foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard. Had it been a coherently radical position, it would have been: Mexico will not go. Neither the president nor anyone else.”

López Obrador announced last Monday that he would visit the President of the United States, Joe Biden, next July, to suggest that “just as society was created [Económica] European [en 1958] Then it became the European Union [en 1993]This is how we need to do it in America.” In July 2021, López Obrador proposed ending the OAS, accusing it of being one of the interfering factors, and creating another. In August 2021, the Mexican Foreign Ministry recommended: “Farewell to the OAS in its meaning Interfering, interfering and dominating, and that another organization that we build politically comes in agreement with the United States.”

Lopez Obrador reconfirmed his absence from Los Angeles in refusal of the US decision to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, arguing that they are anti-democratic countries and do not meet the requirements to attend meetings, which was established in 1994. The ninth edition, which ends on Friday, with the specter of an American diplomatic failure due to the absence of several presidents states and governments.

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CELAC lacks the political, diplomatic and financial tools to serve as a muscle for inter-American integration, and hardly acts as a fragmented bloc for political agreement, which is why it has demonstrated deep divergences in crises such as those in Nicaragua and Venezuela. The United States and Canada do not belong to the group of Latin American and Caribbean countries, which is now under the interim presidency of Argentina and whose creation was agreed in 2010 in Mexico to be installed in 2011 in Venezuela. The OAS will continue to be the center of continental nerves, although communist or leftist governments in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will remain outside it.

“The OAS has lost its prestige (…) and is no longer performing the function that it could have done [impulsar] “An American dialogue involving the United States and Canada,” said Guatemalan political expert Sandino Asturias, director of the (non-governmental) Guatemalan Center for Guatemalan Studies. It is important that honest and necessary dialogue Latin America and the Caribbean With the United States and Canada some mechanisms. Space is necessary,” Asturias pointed out to this newspaper.

The OAS has the crucial task of prosecuting the atrocities committed in the second half of the twentieth century and into the first decades of the twenty-first century at the hands of the dictatorships of the right and the left in the region. Venezuela left in 2019 accusing the Organization of American States of capitulating to the United States and facing repeated condemnations of human rights violations. Nicaragua began withdrawing in 2021 after the organization denounced the illegality of elections last November. Cuba was expelled from the Organization of American States in 1962 for joining Marxism-Leninism as a vassal of the then Soviet Union (which disappeared in 1991) and refused to integrate again.

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