Who is driving “Rodolfoneta” Rodolfo Hernandez?

The traditional goats painted in the national three colors and posters of presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez were traveling the streets of the country led by Cecilia Suarez de Hernandez, The engineer’s mother, like any other vehicle of this type, With his name painted on the front “Rodolfonetta”.

The candidate posted a photo of the chiva through his Instagram account and confirmed that his mother is responsible for this traditional car, which is used as a means of transportation in remote areas and towns of the country, although it has been adapted in large cities. Offer other forms of entertainment. However, Rodolfonetta’s goal will be the candidate’s political campaign on the streets of Bucaramanga.

The candidate wrote on his Instagram account with two tender photos of his mother sitting in the driver’s seat with her hands on the steering wheel of a goat: “Mom, who drives my” Rodolfonta “.

Mrs. Cecilia Suarez has had media coverage that is not typical of a family member of presidential candidates, and even less of being a mother of this age, because this woman is 97 years old and He shared for this medium his desires for his son to rule the country, as well as his thoughts and temperament of Hernández in the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office.

However, before the results of the first round, the candidate’s mother was already a trend on social networks. Through a video posted by Rodolfo himself, Mrs. Cecilia can be seen telling the person accompanying her about a situation he experienced years ago when they asked her for help to some of the tobacco manufacturers in her town.

I didn’t give them a nickel. If you want, put me in jail, but I won’t beat those vagabonds out there, rise up and here we work. It’s not like this? This damn it” expression. For many, this answer answers questions about the personality of the candidate, who on several occasions responded with strong words to collaborators or to the press itself.

And he continued: “If they put them in it, it is because they have the money to give, not at the expense of those of us who work. Then they sent me Mayor Alfonso Lozano, Paulina Murillo’s husband. “Ala, Cecilia, what did you say?” silence in his mouth).

“Tell me whether it is true or not, there is a group of homeless people who are being held there and doing nothing. And those of us who work have to pay weekly”Donna Cecilia spoke about that situation she experienced when she was young, noting that she did not agree to give money to those who did not work for her.

It is noteworthy that the media exposure of Ms. Cecilia Suarez on social networking sites Partly promoted by publications that engineer Hernandez writes in his official accounts.

On the other hand, according to a new presidential poll in the city of Guaromo, engineer Rodolfo Hernandez will defeat Gustavo Petro by 3%, where he intends to vote 46.4%, while the historic charter candidate has support. 43.3% of those surveyed.

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