We won three out of six entities; Let’s accept the results: Alito

Mexico City /

The Alejandro Moreno, National President of the Institutional Revolutionary Partymentioned that the alliance go to mexico He won in three of the six entities (Aguascalientes, Durango and Tamaulipas) where elections for governor were held on Sunday.

“It was a great election day for the coalition,” he added He goes to Mexico. We won hard in Durango and Aguascalientes. In the opinion polls that we have, and we will wait for the results of the elections, we won in Tamaulipas.” Millennium TV.

wing They said they Waiting for the results of Oaxaca, Hidalgo and Quintana Roo. He added, “Despite all that Morena did (…) and they kept saying that they would win six out of six, we won three out of six.”

according to Probability of losing Oaxaca and Hidalgo, The PRI national president confirmed that he is being compensated by the result of Aguascalientes and Durango, and that this weekend’s competition will lay the foundations that will allow them to win in Coahuila and the State of Mexico in 2023 and the Presidency of the Republic in 2024.

He emphasized that “the background analysis is that in three states where we went in the PAN, PRI and PRD coalition, the coalition won out of four. We will continue to strengthen our work, and the number of votes has increased.”

Alexandre Moreno confirmed it They will accept the results given on election day in the counting of votes in the National Electoral Institute (INE) and in the final decisions of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF). “At the end of the day in the elections there are positive results and not. (…) At the end of the road, the citizens decide,” he said.


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